The Grand Journey Home

Post date: Aug 13, 2015 9:41:56 AM

By Lina Willowwood   

They say there are hobbits living outside of The Shire. Outside of The Breelands too. Far away to the south-east, in a land called Everwait! Imagine all they can tell us about hobbit history? We just have to go visit!  

Rumours speak of a hobbit village in an area called Gloomglens. Not that we really believe that, no hobbit worth his or her salt would ever settle in such a gloomy-sounding place. However, if them are there… imagine the stories they could tell? Of old hobbit practices? Of where hobbits came from in the past?

The Grand Order is currently preparing a journey towards this village. This will naturally be a long, slow journey, with some hardships involved. Who knows what food they serve out there! However, if we stay together, I am sure we can get there safe and sound. Even back again too!

We also welcome other adventurous hobbits along for the journey. Don’t worry if yer waistband is too small for the areas we might visit. We’ll do our best to take good care of yer all! Just don’t tell yer friends and family that yer plan to be all adventurous, now. Surely yer don’t want them to believe that yer are peculiar or something? Didn’t think so!

Pack up all yer need! Prepare campfires, food and a trusty walking stick! And join us on the road towards Everwait!


A video teaser can be seen here.

This is this year’s Hobbit Historical Field Trip, happening on the LOTRO Laurelin server. We’ll go visit our far-off cousins in Enedwaith, the hobbit village in Gloomglens! That’ll take our hobbits well outside of the Shire comfort zone, but it should be good fun!

Basically, this is a roleplaying journey over several days, providing social adventurous fun on the road. This would mean slow-travelling by walking or slow pony riding, likely following this route.

Each of the legs would mean a meet-up, then travelling slowly to our end destination for the day. There may be breaks on the road, possibly with some lore about the lands we pass through. Once we reach our destination, there will be more food, tales/poems about where we are/have been, talks with those we meet on the road, etc. Should travelling elves, dwarves or men be around when we reach their lands, them’s welcome to join in the travels.

We also encourage low-level characters to join in, that’s just fun! We’ll do our best to keep yer safe as we enter higher-level zones.

There may be other event tie-ins when we are on the road, for instance fishing competitions or similar.

We will spread the journey over several weeks. At the same time, there will be things happening in the Shire that those attending will take part. That’s no problem, though, we will be a bit “dual” about being on the road during the event days, while happily roleplaying in the Shire the rest of the time. Also, we will not bother adhering to the in-game night/day cycle. We just start the event at the announced times.))

Come join us on the road, hobbits! Let’s have some fun together!