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A note about time zones:

Times on Laurelin are traditionally given in European terms, not as server time. The calendar above uses UK time. So you need to know how to translate UK time into your own local time, and those planning an event need to know how to translate their local time into UK time. Probably the easiest way is to use a converter.

Server time is the same as Boston time. You can get the server time by typing /servertime in the chat box.

For those prefering the hard way, here's what you need to know:

What's the server time at 8 pm GMT?

As mentioned, server time is the local time in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

While Boston is on Eastern Daylight Time (in summer, EDT), server time is GMT - 4

While Boston is on Eastern Standard Time (in winter, EST), server time is GMT - 5

What's uk time at 8 pm GMT?

With uk time, we refer to the time zone of London.

In winter, uk time is the same as GMT

In summer (British Summer Time, BST), uk time is GMT + 1

What about the rest of Europe, CET and EET?

Those are easy (as long as your country observes a summer time):

CET (Central European Time) and CEST (Central European Summer Time) are uk time + 1

EET (Eastern European Time) and EEST (Eastern European Summer Time) are uk time + 2

What about the relation between server time and uk time?

That one would be easy, were it not for the fact that Boston and Europe switch to/from daylight saving on different days:

Boston Daylight Saving Period 2018: Mar 11 - Nov 4

Europe Daylight Saving Period 2017: Mar 25 - Oct 28

Which gives us the following interesting relation between uk time and server time:

For other years, the same principle applies, although the dates may vary.