The Bramblebury Gazette

The Gazette was founded by Yola and Byronbrand  and the first edition was delivered by the Shire Quickpost in Blotmatch 1418 Shire Reckoning (september 2010) The Gazette is made by volunteers and is aiming to give you the latest Shire news, rumors and most delicious pie recipes!

You may also want to know about upcoming events, so make sure to read the Gazette often.

To contact editors send a letter by Shire quickpost to :

((Please note, that all announcements and other articles refer to the LotRO Laurelin Server unless otherwise indicated!))

Founders: Yola and Byronbrand

The Bramblebury Gazette Editing Team

- Peppy Bristlebrush

- Bovso Oakengates

- Yllisa Greenflower

- Tibba Stoutfoot

- Byronbrand Stepwise

Bovso Oakengates, Yllisa Greenflower, Peppy Bristlebrush, Tibba Stoutfoot and Byronbrand Stepwise

(Profiles restored by Dyronbrand after accidental snow ball damage to canvas).

The Bramblebury Gazette Illustrating team

- Speckles Tookburrow

- Dorini Applepeel

- Wiberic Tentoes

- Amorey Sweetrose-Took

The Hobbitcalendar and Events

- Lina Willowwood

Technical Editor

Cube, a.k.a B4