Farmer's Faire Forces Floating Frog* Friday

Post date: Sep 02, 2015 8:56:43 AM

By Lina Willowwood   

Given the noisy Farmer’s Faire in Bywater, the weekly hobbit inn gathering has been moved to the Floating Log in Frogmorton. This is an event for hobbits, although a few visiting traveling dwarves are always welcome. Also a 100% in-character event!    The event also marks the start of the Grand Journey towards the hobbit village in Everwait. The journey starts from Frogmorton the following day, Saturday September 5th.

Come along for songs, dances, poetry, tales, riddles and news! And do offer yer own entertainment, if yer like!

What: Floating Log Friday replaces Green Dragon Friday

Where: Frogmorton, the Floating Log Inn

When: September 4, 8pm ((UK time, 3pm servertime))

* Ed.: I know.. It's Floating LOG. I just couldn't resist to alliterate.