The Grand Journey Home Wrapup: Maur Tulhau Village Hours

Post date: Oct 04, 2015 9:50:27 AM

By Lina Willowwood  

We have finally reached the distant hobbit village! Now we'll rest up a bit and learn the ways of our far-off hobbit cousins!  

Date: Sunday October 11th 

Time: 7:30PM ((UK, 2:30PM servertime)) 

Location: Maur Tulhau, Gloomglens

Hopefully we made it to the far-away hobbit village! Now we'll spend some time with our distant cousins before we start on the long journey home. Come learn their customs! Do them have grand recipes to share? New ways to farm the land? What are their secret fishing spots? Come to find out!


After having spent a lot of time getting to Maur Tulhau, we'll just have to spend some time roleplaying there as well. There will be some stories and songs, but for the most part, we'll go explore the village and the near surroundings (not least their fishing hole) ))