Yuletide is a-coming in! - Issue 12 1428 S.R.

As the year nears it's end it is a period of many traditions that come to life. I'll mention a few here, but there are probably more! Miss Pycella will again make a Hobbit Yule Calendar, but with the contribution of all of you! There is the raising of the Yule tree in Songburrow where everyone is invited, not just the inhabitants of Songburrow. You could also call it : the raising of the Shire Yule tree! And there will be many concerts too, one in Oldfurlong, one in Sootcrest and many more.  Another fine tradition is the making of ...

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For more events and information make sure to check the Hobbitcalendar!

All the above times are UK time. To get Servertime subtract 5. 

Remember that announcements in RED are of events NOT taking place in our (Yonder-)Shire, but can still be of interest to Hobbits.

A thriving community of friendly hobbits, bustling with activity. Home and namesake of the Bramblebury Gazette and the Museum of Hunting and Fishing.

The quiet village of Elderglen is situated in a peacefull mountain valley in the Southfarthing. Home of the Elderglen Games.

Situated perfectly amongst the hills and vales of the River Har & Har Lake is the small, Southfarthing village of Harville.

Nestled among mature apple trees, cedars and ancient Shire oaks, the tiny village of Oldfurlong is located in the Southfarthing.

Home of the OAKS (Oldfurlong Amazing Koncert Series)

#Home, home, sweet home, sweet home

There’s no place like home, oh there’s no place like home#

Songburrow is the home of the Songburrow Strollers.