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About Songburrow:

One of the oldest hobbit homesteads in the Shire, Songburrow has long been a busy and vibrant village. Much of the village life revolves around Songburrow Hall, where a scholarly society studies hobbit history and works to preserve, collect and further the understanding of mathoms. Most of the inhabitants in Songburrow either work at or support the activities originating from the Hall. Additionally, hobbits from all over the Shire are always welcome to bring their mathoms to the Hall for appraisal, not least during regular mathom tale nights.

In addition to the scholarly pursuits, Songburrow is a center for the cultural life in the Shire. Many hobbits have moved to the village to take part in the rich local traditions in music, theatre, poetry and storytelling. Regular teas and parties ensure that there are ample opportunities to meet the locals. Discussions often revolve around the good Shire life; food, parties, the upcoming harvest or preparations for the main hobbit holidays. The local gossip scene thrives, not least because some of the inhabitants show a worrying interest in traveling, even outside of the Shire boundaries. The inhabitants have long worked to make Songburrow a self-sufficient village, keeping its own farms, workshops, kitchens and stores of food and equipment (not least those kept in a maze-like structure of cellars spiralling outwards from Songburrow Hall). This sometimes leads to heated discussions among those working in the village on whether or not all goods and services should be housed locally. Currently, plans to construct a pigsty in Songburrow helps fuel these discussions. They also provide an endless source of entertainment for the local gossip-mongers.


Autonomous collective, with close relations to the Thain in Tuckborough


Songburrow Hall, a large and rambling burrow which houses a comprehensive mathom collection (4 Brookbank Street)

Ale and Leaf farmstead, the source of much of the food grown in Songburrow (5 Harrow Road)

Hoof Mane and Tail stable and crafting center (2 Chalk Road)

Pycella's pie shop (5 Chalk Road)

Simbo's flower garden (6 Chalk Road)Jiro's forge (6 Harrow Road)Rubysue's fishing dock (4 Wending Way)Organisations linked to Songburrow:Grand Order of the Lost Mathom (kinship)Hoof Mane and Tail Stables (kinship)Ale and Leaf (kinship)The Songburrow Strollers (music band)

The Brandy Badgers (music band)

The Grand Order Acting Troupe (theatre troupe)

The Historical Society (scholarly society)

List of inhabitants of Songburrow as per November 18, 2019 (Thank you, Tansy, for sending in corrections to the list!):

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