About Harville:

Situated perfectly amongst the hills and vales of the River Har & Har Lake is the small, Southfarthing village of Harville. Ours is lively community of friendly Hobbits who enjoy all the pleasures of a peaceful and happy country life.

At the heart of our little community are the amenities of Har Square. The Har Hearth & Home Shoppe is renowned for its high-quality merchandise and excellent customer service for the discerning Hobbit. Our local watering hole, the Waterside Inn (formerly Ye Olde Water Mill), is a great place to unwind with the finest refreshments and weed the Shire has to offer. The inn also offers superior accommodation for visitors, with each room enjoying breathtaking riverside views. Anglers can enjoy a quiet picnic as they try their luck in reeling in a great catch and the Harville Open Air Theatre hosts a variety of entertainment for the entire family. Our Deputy Mayor, located at 4 Wending Way, keeps a complimentary feasting table laden with the best in local culinary delights in her front yard and the menu changes daily.

Whether it's water sports, nice walks down quiet country lanes of Shire Oaks and apple trees or some quiet time in one of our gazebos, Harville is a beloved oasis of tranquillity for those blessed to call it home and visitors alike.

written by

Mollywobbles Puddingdale,

First Deputy Mayor of Harville

(Grand Order of the Lost Mathom)



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