About Bramblebury:

A thriving community of friendly hobbits, bustling with activity. Original home and namesake of the Bramblebury Gazette.


Byronbrand Stepwise, Deputy Mayor (elected December 2010)

Nimelia Stoutfoot, Local Shirriff (elected December 2010)

Landmarks: (See also our map)

"Ye Olde Mill"

Plumblossom Mill

the Catfish Pond

Bramblebury stage

Noakes’s farmlands, featuring “the Dark Runner”

Stepwise Manor

Shire Museum of Hunting and Fishing

The Bramblebury Crafting Centre (and Library)

Organisations linked to Bramblebury:

The Bramblebury Gazette (founded September 2010)

The Bramblebury band that has not decided upon a name yet

Shamrocks and Shenanigans (kinship)

Darkness falls (kinship)

Shire Angling Club (kinship)

The Bramblebury Crafting Centre (and Library) (kinship)

People of Bramblebury:

as per November 24, 2019.

Kinships are listed separately here. There is a personal side to Bramblebury too.

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