The Catfish Pond

Have you ever wondered where the catfishes come from that form the main ingredient in Miss Akelay's delicious and famous Catfish Cakes? Next to Miss Akelay's burrow there is a pond and this is where most of the catfish is caught. Hence, lovers of said  treats started to name it the Catfish Pond and the name caught on.There is some dispute as to what would be the very best spot to catch the biggest catfish: there is the jetty that is conveniently located on the premises of Miss Akelay and there is the jetty behind the Bramblebury Stage.Both locations are favoured by groups of fishermen that argue amongst themselves about "their" spot being the better one. The "Stagers" claim theirs is the best and add that they can taste in a Catfish Cake whether the fish was caught at their location, whereas the "Jetties" wave this as being utter nonsense. They in turn claim that Catfish cakes made with fish caught by them is much less fat and healthier.

Miss Akelay seems indifferent to all this, as long as all catfish that is caught is delivered to her kitchen.

She commented: "Of course, the best of the best catfish come from the Rushock Bog. I went there extra for the pie baking competition to get Rushock Bog catfish for my catfish pie. But of course the Bramblebury catfish pond is a hard competition for the Bog. Oh, I hope this article will fill my mailbox with catfish packages!"