Looking for art! Contribute to the Art's Corner.

Post date: Nov 16, 2012 12:40:50 PM

Have you made a story or a poem you would like to share with the readers of the Bramblebury Gazette? Or a song with lyrics? Perhaps you've made a painting and you would like to share it with the world? Contribute to the Art's Corner! Art's Corner is a part of the Bramblebury Gazette where artists are given the opportunity to present themselves and their works of art. We already have a fantastic collection of poems, limericks, stories, paintings and songs - but there sure is space for new art! So send us (via quickpost) your art and reach the audience!

Have a look of our collection in the Art's Corner itself. For example there's Simbo's poetry lessons, a collection of limericks by our readers, The Art of Dancing -manual and much more! Let's grow the collection together!

by Bovso Oakengates

an editor of the Bramblebury Gazette