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Poem - Hot Fudge Pudding

posted Nov 15, 2022, 6:54 AM by Peppy Bristlebrush   [ updated Nov 15, 2022, 7:13 AM ]

by Aerinbard Fallohide

Hot Fudge Pudding
my mother called it,
but to me it was love
that rose on wisps of 
sugary steam.

The thick chocolate 
heavy on my tongue
brought bliss;
the soft cake,
my teeth slowly sinking in,
wrapped me in comfort.

Winter's cold,

when wood, brushed with silver,
needed chopping
and horses, blowing steam in the night,
needed feeding
and ice, in clouded panes,
needed breaking
in the trough,

could never touch me long
with my mother's
Hot Fudge Pudding
on my tongue.

Poem - Pozee's Wild Trip ta DreamLand

posted Jul 22, 2022, 8:31 AM by Peppy Bristlebrush

By Pozee Longleaf 

Most a the time yer hopin' ta sleep
Whenever ya go ta bed
But sometimes somethin' else happens
And ya start dreamin' instead
Afore I went ta sleep that night
I had meself a snack
I figgered it would be okay
As it was near the end of the day
So I put on me night shirt
And gave the kitty some cream
Next thing I knew I wuz whisked away
Inta a strange kinda dream

Wuz a busy day as most folks know
At the market in Michel Delving
There I wuz with me veggie basket
But I ain't wearin' no clothes!!!!
I run ta hide in the bushes
My face wuz red as a beet
I tried ta gather my senses
Then noticed that I had three feets!!!
I thought 'What in tarnation!'
Somethin's gotta ta be wrong
Don't wanna create a sensation
I better be movin' along
So I went inta stealthy
As we burglars sometimes will
I needed ta git away somewhere
So I tried goin' up the hill
It sure wuzn't easy
Tryin' ta flee with three feet
But I did the bestest I could
Ta git myself outta the street

I whistled fer my pony

But he wuz nowhere ta be found
But it wuz then that I noticed
There wuz great big shrews all around
Wuz they gonna have me fer dinner?
Wuz I at the end a my rope?
They all sure looked mighty hungry
It looked like there wuz no hope
About that time I noticed
Somethin' circlin' above in the sky
It looked as if to be buzzards
This could really be good bye

Suddenly they came a swoopin'
'N grabbed me up off the ground
And landed me back ta my burrow
'N I wuz all safe and sound
Not quite as noteworty a rescue
As one by eagles fer sure
But the end wuz a good outcome
I wuz safe and secure

I woke in my bed muddled
I still had my night shirt on
The kitty wuz there all cuddled
And one a my feet wuz gone!!
Advice on dreamin' is simple
I will most surely recite
Don't eat onion stew
Afore goin' ta sleep at night

A little bit of info about the author: Miss Pozee's statement about winning the Summer Bard competition 2022: I wuz pleasantly surprised. I got some wonderful prizes; strawberry stout and apple pies, a very nice fish trophy I put in my bedroom, and a title 'Speaker of Words' and the honor of being recognized as the Summer-Time Bard until the competition next year!!

Poem - The Green Dragon is my Home

posted May 25, 2022, 1:09 PM by Peppy Bristlebrush

By Pycella Woodberry 

It’s Friday evening again
And I am here with my friends
I leave my worries behind
Nothing will weigh on my mind
Dressed in garments so green
I’m at my favourite inn
Here I do not feel alone
The Green Dragon’s my home 

We dance, play tunes and sing
Maybe spill our drinks
The rumours spread all around
Tall tales from the wide world
There’s gentle strums by a lad
Faint grumbles from the back
This is where I belong
The Green Dragon’s my home

There’s the sticky old rug
Watery beer in yer mug
Yet it feels so good to be here
Valuing food and cheer

Tonight, let’s forget all else
Tonight, let’s be all friends
Tonight I sing you my song
For Green Dragon is my home
For Green Dragon is my home

Green trees light up the sky
Soon it is time for goodbyes
But never for a long while
So there’s no reason to cry
We will meet here again
At our beloved old inn

Where we can sing our song
The Green Dragon is our home
The Green Dragon is our home
The Green Dragon is our home
The Green Dragon is our home

((OOC: This tune is best sung to the melody of I’ll Find my Way Home by Jon and Vangelis. Master Vangelis passed away just recently, so that gave me the idea to use this song for my lyrics.))

Poem - Plough Magic

posted Mar 15, 2022, 3:49 PM by Peppy Bristlebrush   [ updated Mar 16, 2022, 2:57 PM ]

By Aerinbard Fallohide   

I hear the whispered crush of soil
as through it cuts the plough.
The earthy scent of richness lifts
like a red rag to my brow.

“Step gee!” I cry and my pony turns
as round the row we go.
It's honest work, though tiring,
as many good hobbits know.

With gimlet eye my pony digs.
Her shoulders the collar presses.
With generous heart she gives her all
and never a furrow misses.

But when the ground is fallow hard,
and my neighbour his pony lends,
two equine hearts till twice the land
and then half as much again!

For this is the bounty of plough and team
that only the wise have kenned.
A burden shared is *more* than halved
And this is the magic of friends.  

Some information about the author: Master Aerinbard works as an archivist up at the Great Smials. His family made a fortune in farming, but he is more of the scholarly kind. Meanwhile he has been emerging from his sanctuary of books to mingle among his fellow-hobbits in the Shire. He dedicates this poem to all of them.

Poem - The Hero of Greenfields

posted Mar 18, 2021, 7:01 AM by Peppy Bristlebrush   [ updated Mar 18, 2021, 7:03 AM ]

By Grufforic Furrow 

Sometime ago, in fields of green,
I made my mark on history, a feat not yet seen.

Green-skinned villains, evil pure,
They charge at our home, in our fields they roam,
But thanks to my actions, the Shire will endure.

I met them on the Fields outnumbered, us few.
But through my bravery and valiance, hope grew.

I inspired those smaller to follow my lead,
At the end of my day all will know our deed.

Our charge was swift, the orcs had to die!
My gaze fixated, on their foul green king,
His judgement was swift, as his head flew sky-high,
It landed in a rabbit-hole, a legendary swing!

They cheered and praised him, for his epic deed.
But no one remembered to praise me, his steed.

A statue, a holiday, all to celebrate the old Took,
But nothing to remember me, not even a book!

So please next time you visit the golf course,
Think of the true hero, the stallion, the horse.

Master Grufforic wrote this poem for and performed it first time on Bullroarer Took Day 2021

Poem - My Red-spotted Trout

posted Aug 11, 2020, 1:53 AM by Peppy Bristlebrush

By Davlo Diggle  

On a sunny late spring afternoon

I sat fishing at my favourite place

When along came a hobbit lass

With a pole and a pretty face


“What you catchin’?” she asked

Sneaking a peek in my basket

“Just some nice trout,” I replied

As she took her pole and cast it


No sooner than it hit the water

Her bobber went out of sight

And she caught a big ol’ trout and yelled

“Now that’s what I call a bite!”


She looked at me all proud and said

“You must be doing something wrong

For I caught this huge fish here

None you have are this long!”


So I grabbed a fish and simply claimed

“But I have lots and you have few

And if you glance at my big trout

The fish looks just like you”


“It’s a Red-spotted Trout you see

This is what makes it special

The red colour matches your hair

And the spots look like your freckle”


“It does not!” she cried, “You’re being silly”

And it’s simply not the case!”

It was then that I grabbed that fish

And slapped it gently across her face



I knew her patience was wearing thin

I quickly grabbed my hankerchief

And wiped off her cheek, nose and chin


“You’re a brave lad,” she said, and pushed me down

Grabbing a handful of flowers and grass

“This outta teach you real good

For teasing a hobbit lass!”


She sat on my belly, grass in hand

And rubbed it through my hair

When all of a sudden a smile came on her face

And I had never seen anything so fair


“I have to go home now, be here tomorrow.”

Then she gave me a good-bye kiss

As she ran off, I thought another day

Could never be as good as this


We fished together every chance we had

And danced in fields of flowers

We would look into each other’s eyes

And minutes lasted as hours


A year has passed and now’s the day

When this tale should come to a close

For we plan to meet at our fishing place

This morning I shall propose!


The morning has passed, and noon and night

My heart started to fill with sorrow

And as I walked myself back home

I thought, “She’ll be there tomorrow”


An early morning knock awakened me

A hobbit should know better!

And as I opened up the door

‘Twas the quickpost with an urgent letter


A hastily made note addressed by her father

I ripped it open and read

“I’m sorry I cannot come in person lad

The family is full of dread”


“Yesterday on the Brandywine Bridge

My daughter stopped to look around

She slipped and fell, she banged her head

I’m afraid our love has drowned”


“The water swept her away

To where we do not know

I, myself, shall never rest

Until I find where she did go”


Her father's words stuck in my mind

My heart it felt the same

To have everything you love just ripped away

My soul’s now without flame


So now I fish the Brandywine

Throwing my line about

Hoping I can catch again

My beautiful Red-spotted Trout

This poem  won third prize at the Summer Poetry Contest earlier this year (2020)
Congratulations, Master Davlo! That was well deserved!

Rumor - about a Pie Pan Ademic

posted Apr 13, 2020, 4:59 AM by Peppy Bristlebrush

By Acorne Oakley and Agago Longleaf  

I don't have a story fer ya folks t'day ...
but I do have a Public Health Announcement!

Have any of ya folks herd tell there be an awful virus goin' around our Shire?
I wants ta TRY ta explain what be happenin ...
as much as I understand anyway

Some travelin' folks say it be worse than them murder turtles down in Gondor...
but I've never been that far from the Shire.

Carlo Blagrove said this all be cause of some bad beer...

Miss Hornblower over in Hobbiton insisted it were definitely not her pies this time...
Altho I have herd folks callin it a pie pan-demic

And Mayor Whitfoot said it were so bad he was going to have to shut down the borders of Michel Delving!

...Ya can see how well that went if ya look around the crowd here.
Them bounders will let anybody through the boundary if ya slip em a pie...
and it don't even have ta be as good as my gammer's pies, neither!

So Assistant Fallohide told everybodee they was ta stay 6 feet... or 2 meters... away from other folks.
But I'm not sure if he meant hobbit feet or eluf feet.

I've got very small feet... small enough I could reach out and hug ya from six feets away!
But I know some elufs... and they've got very big feet.
Six feet away would probably take them almost to Brockenboring!

So I decided ta focus on stayin 2 meters away... but I hadn't never herd of a meter afore, so I went to the smartest hobbit I know, my gammer.
She was cookin supper and I asked her "Gammer, how much is a meter?"

She told me "Sure, dear, I'll make the pies meatier!"
And those pies were mighty delicious, let me tell you...


So I'm still not sure what Mister Fallohide meant...
but I do know the cure fer ANY bad stuff..

Be dancin ta good music in a party wit yer friends ...
like the OAKS


Dear Editor at Bramblebury,

   Miss Acorne give us a warnin' at Night of the Muses bout somethin called a Pie Pan Ademic.  Everone should take this message ta heart
and watch out fer that mean ole Pie Pan ademic.  I took time ta wander bout the Shire (with care and no pie pans) and talk ta some of 
the bounders an bar keeps.  It seems tis truth to the tale that we outta stay home as much as possible.  And keep our pie pans 
clean by frequent washin. Some heard that it wuz bad beer, but others laffed at the bad beer theory-specially the bar keeps.  I would say 
that it seems best ta not take yer pie pans outside yer house, and bad as it might sound, don't make any pies and send ta yer neighbors.  If'n you must do so, put em on a board then send em and leave yer pie pans at yer house.  I guess it is always possible ta get new pie pans from yer local tinker,
 if'n they are open fer buziness.  They might be closed cause they don't want that mean ole pie pan ademic ta get ta all their pie pans either.
We done decided ta make lotsa noise and see if that scares away that mean ole pie pan ademic. We play loud music and bang on the cowbell
hopin' to spare our pie pans frum the misery. What does that Pie pan ademic look like? Not real sure. Seems no one has got a good look
at it yet. All of a sudden their pie pans are rusty an pies don't bake evenly on em. It might be like fairy folke, and be invisible and really
quiet. That be my guess. So don't count on seein' it, ner hearin' it. Just stay ta yer house and keep yer pie pans clean.

A concerned Shire citizen,
Agago Longleaf

Story - The Last Day in the Life of Horace Bunce

posted Sep 26, 2019, 8:10 AM by Peppy Bristlebrush   [ updated Sep 26, 2019, 8:18 AM ]

By Acorne Oakley 

T'day I'm gonna tell all of you what might just be....

The Last Day in the Life of Horace Bunce

An arrow wisked past his head...
He grabbed a handful of mane and swung onto the back of the tall one 's horse...
this was not his faithful pony, Mirabella
but then all animals followed his requests
for he was the first hobbit to become a Lore-master.

No time to dwell on his past achievements at present...
Horace had to get the message thru to the Rangers...

Goblins had come back into the Shire!

He thought briefly of going to the Bounders
but wondered if any of them would be awake .....
or sober

No Horace decided he had to make it to the Rangers
and let them know they were needed in the north of the Shire..
as soon as they could get there

In its panic the horse stumbled into a rabbit hole in the tall grass,
but Horace leaned close and whispered words of encouragement into its ear
then the horse leaped forward and sped off into the night.

Good thing!
The night grew darker as Horace raced thru the fields taking every shortcut he knew to bring the Rangers back quickly

From out of the darkness , Horace saw the glint of a blade
One of the goblins had almost caught up with him!
He urged the horse onward......
when suddenly he slipped from the saddle and drew his mighty sword

"YOU SHALL NOT PASS!" he roared

Horace slashed out at the goblin and knocked him off the frightened horse he had stolen
then raised his sword again.....and...

rolled over off his bed and looked up to see the familar roof of his family's barn
there before his eyes was...
not the warm eyes of Ol' Lilac ..his favorite cow....

As the goblin came closer it cackled....
Its eyes glowed an eerie red...
every step closer it took to Horace seemed like a threat to the young hobbit 's life

then Horace's mum called out...
"Horace!  Come on in for first supper!"

His head turned in the direction of his mum's voice...
but so did the goblin's!

As the goblin sprinted toward their cozy burrow ..
something clicked inside of Horace and he raced after the goblin
" Mum!  GOBLIN!"  he shouted.

His mum came to the door expecting this was more of Horace's imagination
and saw a goblin runnin toward her with a dagger drawn
She screamed and fell back inside their burrow ...
just as the goblin came in behind her

Horace came right behind him with his 'mighty sword'
actually a solid branch from one of the nearby Shire oaks
which came down on the goblin's head before he could get close to Horace's mum

The goblin turned glaring at Horace and charged back toward him
but Horace's mum had jumped to her feet & grabbed the frying pan from the stove
She sent it crashing down on the goblin's head ...
and he fell bleeding to the floor

A friendly bounder recruit heard the commotion and ran into the burrow
and leaped on the goblin who was now in no shape to resist...
so the bounder took him off half-conscious and bleeding to the office of the Watch and locked him up

Horace and his mum hugged and praised each other for how brave they both were

so...    this was not the last day of Horace after all

--the end--

Story - Another day in the life of Horace Bunce

posted Sep 26, 2019, 8:07 AM by Peppy Bristlebrush   [ updated Sep 26, 2019, 8:17 AM ]

By Acorne Oakley  

Tonight  I have another tale of the cousin of Second Shirriff Bodo Bunce..
y'all remember Horace Bunce, dont you?

This tale be about......
another day in the life of Horace Bunce!

Horace was careful not to make a sound..
As quiet as could be, he followed the row of bushes to where he could overhear the goblins.

the short ugly one waved his sword in the air and exclaimed,
"WE will teach them orcs a thing or two...
when we invade the Shire tomorrow!"

the slightly taller....but still as ugly... one answered,
"who cares about them orcs?  I'm looking forward to having hobbit slaves to do my cooking..
Especially that one who lives on the edge of our lost lands in the north of the Shire..
Aaaahh the sweet smell of burned turnips coming from her burrow...
cant wait! "
"Go on out and kill us a bear for supper while I start a fire!"

the shorter one picked up his bow and left grumbling
Soon he came back with only a small coney

the taller goblin smirked and said,
"kind of a small bear you got there"

The shorter one dropped the coney near the fire and shot an angry glance sideways
He just knew that he hadnt heard the last of the complaining about his poor hunting skills

After they finished the meal...
which didnt take them long since it was a mighty puny coney
The shorter one pulled out a bottle of ale ...
which he said he had stolen from a ranger...
and called for a toast to taking over the Shire on the morrow
they both laughed heartily and gulped down the ale which they passed between them

"What was that !?!"

"sounds like drumming coming out of them bushes!"

They both turned to the bush where Horace was hiding
He knew all too well ...that were no drum...
Just his heart beating wildly
And it just got louder when the two goblins got up and started in his direction....
It seemed like they were both gonna jump thru the bush on him ...all at once!

Horace closed his eyes and felt something heavy fall on top of him...

He woke with a start to hear his mum shouting,
" Horace!   Are you sleeping behind that haystack again!?!"

Relieved Horace laughed out loud realizing that not two goblins at all...
but the haystack had just fallen over on him

__to be continued__

Story - A day in the life of Horace Bunce

posted Sep 4, 2019, 12:44 AM by Peppy Bristlebrush   [ updated Sep 26, 2019, 2:50 PM ]

By Acorne Oakley 

I've come back with some news

All of you folks probably know Bodo Bunce..
He be the Second Shirriff here in Michel Delving
Ya know him cause he probably recruited most of ya ta be bounders..
but this news is not about him....

this is about his cousin ...Horace Bunce

Here is...                A Day in the Life of Horace Bunce

As the smoke cleared, Horace Bunce stood all alone surrounded by dead and bleeding goblin corpses
He whistled for his pony and swung himself astride in a flash
His faithful pony , Mirabella, zigzaged across the meadow with arrows zinging through the air  on either side

Horace swore that the goblin king would not escape him this time!

The moon shone through the clouds of this damp gloaming as Horace drew his mighty sword and ...
gave a terrible roar which sent a nearby rabbit scampering down into his hole of a home.

"HORACE!  what is all this screaming about?", called his mum who was down by the fence in front of their burrow.

Suddenly Horace woke up and looked around at the peaceful meadow...
there was their ol' milk cow grazing peacefully just a few feet from where he had fallen asleep.
He shook himself awake...
and looked to see a real rabbit just leaping into a hole right in the middle of some clover

Scattered among the clover were many tiny lumps which looked like raisins...
but he knew better than to eat anything that came out of the back of a scared rabbit

" Horace, go and gather some carrots for the stew I be making," his mum called out.

Horace stood up & dusted himself off,
picked up the mighty sword which actually looked more like a well-whittled stick,
and headed off to the wild carrot patch down by the watering-hole.

When Horace got close, he saw the familiar green tops sticking up out of the ground.
He began running across the meadow grabbing the tops and revealing their long orange roots which he stuffed into his pockets.
By the time he got close to the watering-hole his pockets were overflowing with the sweet orange goodness.

Horace almost turned back to take the carrots back for the stew when....

What was that in the water?

Some kind of strange creature was bent over drinking from the water
A large rosy-white animal with long legs...
who suddenly noticed the small hobbit lad and raised its head revealing a very long neck!

Horace, being a brave lad, went closer..
and the tall bird said, " Leave me alone! I taste terrible!"

Horace was amazed cause he had never seen any bird talk before this.
"Did you talk?"

The bird's broad bill  parted and he replied, "Of course, I dont want to be eaten"

Horace let out a whoop and ran back to get his mum and show her this strange bird

"Mum!   Mum!   you must come right away and see!   I found a bird that can talk!"

"Oh Horace!  another daydream?   did you remember the carrots?"

"Yes  here they are, " Horace said as he turned his pockets inside out letting the carrots fall out on the floor.

"Come with me, Mum     This is truly a talking bird!"

Not quite convinced, his mum followed him back to the watering-hole...
and there was the peaceful meadow with the old watering hole...
But no sign of a bird...
definitely not a talking one!

Horace's mum looked at her son's face..
Ready to scold him again

Horace had such a look of disappointment that she changed her mind.
Instead she put her arms around him and hugged him

"Horace I believe you saw a bird...
even if it's gone now"

"Now let us go back and I'll finish that stew you like"

Horace smiled cause it feels so good ta have someone believe ya ....
even if they dont see it with their own eyes

        --to be continued--

This story was told by Miss Acorne at the Night of the Muses on August 28th. If you want to hear more, then visit the Night of the Muses on Sept 4th and hear the story "Another Day in the Life of Horace Bunce".

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