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Limericks - a collection

posted Feb 28, 2011, 3:59 AM by Yola Plumblossom   [ updated Sep 10, 2011, 1:59 PM by Peppy Bristlebrush ]
Do you like these short, witty rhymes called limericks? Well, here you can find some examples by several authors.
And ofcourse you can send in your own, self-made limerick! Send it to Peppy or Byronbrand.                                 

A number of limericks by Poffo Honeydew on a seperate page.

In the North lives a dog who's called Ruff,
he is bright and can do lots of stuff.
Now this Ruff is so clever,
there's a lad swearing never
to play cards with a dog that can bluff.


There once was a lass from up North,
who the bagpipes strongly abhorred.
When she heard but a peep,
she would cry out and weep,
till peace was once more restored.


Now Hobbits like hearing good stories
Of heroes, and treasures and glory
But I don't have the time
So intead here's a rhyme
About the young lass Miss Amorey!


When she starts to recite we all cheer.
With all lim'ricks she makes in a year
you could fill up a pack.
Daphnea sent a whole stack,
so she gets her own section right here.


Announced is a concert for Buckland.
It will be the first of many in Breeland.
The strollers will play,
but from the Shire away.
 And starting they will play at Golden perch friday'


I once was misled by a fibber
With lies that made me stand and jibber
But much later that day
My bad mood went away
At seeing the dancing Miss Tibba!