They are beautiful, they are bearded, they play music at the January Oaks!

Post date: Jan 06, 2016 11:41:13 AM

By Acorne Oakley  


As sum of ya already no I luv ta travel around ta furin lands and go explorin... 

Which is exactly what I was doin a while ago when I was walkin thru a strange town which looks a lot like our Bree looks.  

And I herd a loud noise that broke out suddenly and sounded like thunder.   I was just lookin around fer a dry place out of the rain when the thunder stopped....and I herd the soft sound of harps and flutes accompanied by the sweetest soft voice.   So naturally I had ta go find the source of this music..and I did!  

When I got near their Prancin Pony, the music stopped and this thunderous applause broke that was the noise I herd!

And no wonder!    cause there be the source of this beautiful music ....a band of lovely dwarfie lasses wit beards that seemed ta glisten when the sunlight of the afternoon sun shone down on them.

I ventured closer and they welcomed me ta stay and listen.   I could tell that they be friendly in spite of the fact that they were speakin an unusual dwarfie dialect.   The time flew by and soon I was dancin and clappin along wit their endless supply of fascinatin songs that seemed vaguely familiar even tho I was off in this furin land and didnt no exactly what they be singin about.

I guessed that sum of them was luv songs as many dwarfie lads seem ta be drawn ta the stage.

Sum of them lads must have been music luvers cause they listened fer awhile and got all excited and tore off their shirts.....yup...completely!

well ...I diverted my eyes and sent fer the closest healer ta help them poor lads regain control of themselves.

then my attention was drawn back ta the stage as the lovely dwarfie lasses started singin a sad song of dwarfie least that was what a friendly hobbit lad told me.   It seemed so melancholy and so tragic....but so so beautiful :)

I new that you folks what have never ventured over ta them furin lands wood surely want ta hear this music...which makes yer toes start tappin one minute, makes ya feel like cryin the next at the sheer beauty of it all, and then makes ya start swayin rememberin yer past adventures.

I am very proud ta be able ta tell y'all that the January OAKS will be....

die Baertigen Musen!!

Please join us in the Shire homestead of Oldfurlong on Monday January 25 at eight bells in the evenin fer an outstandin party wit all the ale/beer/wine ya can drink,  all the pipeweed ya can smoke, and absolutely all the food ya can eat......

when we share the music of our new-found friends ...the lovely dwarfie lasses known as Baertigen Musen or, as Papa says: the Bearded Muses, .... who will blow ya away wit their music!!

where: town square of the Oldfurlong neighborhood of the Shire homesteads

            ((Altfurch in Deutsch / Longuevieille en français, on the Laurelin server))

when:  Monday January 25th at eight bells in the evening

            ((20:00 UK time / 21:00 CET / 15:00 server time))

Hugs ta ya one and all,