The Return of OAKS!!

Post date: Sep 09, 2017 12:30:22 PM

By Acorne Oakley  

Hiya ta all the fun-lovin folks of Middle Earth!  

Many of ya folks have asked me when will the OAKS be comin back?   

Well..........*drum roll*......  

I am thrilled ta tell all of ya that the fun parties we call the OAKS are back!'s time ta drink, smoke, eat, laugh, and have sum fun dancin ta sum great music agin in Oldfurlong!  

It be time fer the OAKS!!!!!

Remember I told ya folks after the Forest last May , me and sum of my friends came down the next mornin ta tidy up a bit...

and whoa!

We found a few things mite have been a bit broken...

like all the tables and benches.

and there was a wee bit of a fire smolderin in sum ashes near the big OAKS tree...

which Tiny may have tried to put out by throwin sum ale on it.

( turns out that may have been a mistake cause it kind of flared up a bit and we had ta replace the whole tree! )

So...I got in touch wit them fine workers that was fixin the roof of the Floatin Log and they agreed ta come ta Oldfurlong as soon as they be finished at the Floatin Log.  They worked as quickly as they could while still doing a good job..that's important to them.

but time drug on fer a bit and still all the tables and benches of Oldfurlong was broken ...and the old oak stood there charred on one side.

Then one mornin here they came ....they told me it be gettin warmer and roofin repair be hot they thot they mite fix up Oldfurlong.    I was mighty pleased ...even after I saw dear Tiny slippin them folks sum beers ta speed up the repairs.   Thanks Tiny!

Papa even brought in sum woodworkers he found at the Hobbit Market in Michel Delving...

            *smiles thinkin of her helpful Papa*

So Oldfurlong be ready fer anuther OAKS....

 and I found a mighty special band....

It be called .....the Chapel of Musical Friendship!

I herd these folks get t'gether about two years ago down in Michel Delving and it was absolutely awesum!

It's a BIG bunch of folks who make great music wit several different bands all comin t'gether ta kick off the return of the OAKS wit what I know will be a truly tree-mendous concert!

I dont have a pic fer ya folks this time cause Master Bruzo couldnt git all of them ta stand still long enuf ta take one...

these folks like ta drink and dance and want all of you ta join them fer a very special ....

         Return of the OAKS... wit the Chapel of Musical Friendship!

When I asked Master Bruzo why they hadnt played in so long...he told me they was all up on a I guess them folks was busy climbin up on sum high eight sumthin or uthers ...

                      *looks confused*

Anyhow no matter where they was off ta in the past two years , they be back now and ya dont want ta miss this..fer certain!

Join us the very last Saturday in September fer anuther amazin concert wit the

                               the Return of the OAKS

when Oldfurlong will once agin be jumpin and drinkin and smokin and dancin ta the return of...

The Chapel of Musical Friendship!

What a lucky co-ent-see-dents ( Papa taut me that word ) that they are comin back just in time ta play fer the return of the OAKS!

Where: the town square of the Oldfurlong neighborhood in the Shire homesteads

              ((Altfurch in Deutsch / Longuevieille en français))

When:  Saturday September 30th at eight bells in the evenin

             (( 20:00 UK time / 21:00 CEST / 15:00 server time ))

Warm hugs ta everybodee,