The OAKS are back!!

Post date: Aug 06, 2018 12:45:8 PM

By Acorne Oakley   

Hiya Everybodee!  

 Walkin Trees?   Could it be ? they come!  and dancin two!  

                  the OAKS are back!  

that's rite!  Seems the OAKS will be dancin wit the Misti Mountain Hobbs  

 And  I'm hopin all of you can join us in the Oldfurlong neighborhood when the fifth year of the Oldfurlong Amazin Koncert Series begins on Saturday August 18 at eight bells in the evenin!!    (( 20:00 UK time / 21:00 CET / 15:00 server time ))

First I want to thank all the awesumly talented bands & solo musicians who made the fourth year ...and the Forest of OAKS last May very special!

Azure Pleasures

Brago Brothers ...and Sweet Sister

Chapel of Musical Friendship

Dulcet Tones

Lanterns of Nimrodeliant

Mardi Gras Party

and Ohrwurm....

thanks ta all these magnificent bands fer bringin such great fun and awesum music ta all of us.

   and a special thanks ta all of the artists that brought their outstandin talents ta the first ever OAKS wit solo musicians in April....

   and came back in May fer the Forest of OAKS as the...

                   Orchestra of April's Kindred Songbirds

except fer cousine Louellana who had to go ta them healers in Rivendell but kindly gave us one of her songs fer the O.A.K.S. ta play..we're all happy she be back in the Shire now...

Thanks ta Brandebas, Fiyalka, Geoffri, Gerhalt, Ingebjorg, Kenghis, Queen Lina, Lyhian, my sweet Papa Peppy, Sitarina, and dear Hollybery who not only performed but brought along Miss Leddy ta make magick drawings of the whole day!

      Each and every one of these folks are absolutely amazin!!

Now it be time fer a new year of OAKS ta begin......I no what ya be thinkin's gonna be plenty difficult ta find a band that can still amaze ya folks after all that??

well.....I did it!

I found anuther truly fabulous band...who will rock yer socks off...if any of ya be silly enuf ta wear such things      *giggles*

This band 's music will not only make ya want ta dance all nite but I thinks they will awaken part of yer soul and speak ta yer heart wit the sweetness of their music...

I no it makes me so happy when they play the blues

the marvelous Misti Mountain Hobbs

These folks have come down all the way from the Misty Mountains ta party wit us...

so bring yer whole family ta the August OAKS cause we all no them gaffers like ta   dance til they drop in the grass   *winks*

where:   the town square of the Oldfurlong neighborhood in the Shire homesteads

                            ((Altfurch auf Deutsch / Longuevieille en français))

when:    Saturday August 18th at eight bells in the evenin

             (( 20:00 UK time / 21:00 CET / 15:00 server time ))

Warm hugs ta all,