Shire Queen Acorne taken ill and in care of the Healers

Post date: Jun 03, 2014 10:20:30 AM

Words by Rubellita Brandybuck, sketches by Lina, Bilbeto, Rubellita, Janco.   

The news hit us like a blow to the head by Bullroarer's club: Our beloved Shire Queen Acorne was suddenly taken ill and had to be brought to the healers who try to find out what's wrong with her. And up until the time of writing there has been no more news than that.  

Last night the Brandy Badgers gathered in Michel Delving to have one of their open rehearsals, when Miss Gisoldica asked permission to speak and told everyone this sad news. A silence set in and there was crying and hobbits hugging one another for comfort. But then all agreed that Miss Acorne is not only a dear, sweet person, but an inspiration to us all and also not one to have us weep over her. We grouped together to cheer her on and to send her our best wishes and comfort. We have made some pictures of that, which you can see here.The badgers picked up their instruments again and dedicated the music they played to the Shire Queen. May all the energy emerging from the music and the dancing go straight to you, our dear Miss Acorne, to help you recuperate and get well soon. The evening became extra energetic when Master Simbo played the "Bywater Bounce" and all present hopped and jumped, all for you, Queen Acorne!

If you, dear reader, wish to send your personal good wishes to Miss Acorne, then please send a letter to and it will be added to our special article "Best wishes for Miss Acorne". You can add a picture if you like, but it is not mandatory. Please mark your letter "Best wishes for Miss Acorne" if you want it to be included.Let me end by wishing Miss Acorne all the best and speedy recovery from all who read and write the Bramblebury Gazette. May we soon see you again in our midst. That will be the most joyful day of the year, I can tell you that!

((Many thanks to the roommate of Miss Acorne who went through a lot of effort to inform us all. Many of her friends got personal notice in their mailbox. Cheers, and thank you so much! Please, keep our hobbit community informed about any news about her. And please keep her informed of our best wishes.))


Mrs Toadflax, Miss Toolee and I have worked out how to dance whilst waving large flowers around. Fun for us, but potentially dangerous for other dancers. I think you can just see Miss Penina in the foreground ducking and diving to try and avoid our rather wild flower waving, writes Bilbeto Longburrow.

Brandywine and Biscuits at their concert in Bree-land, wishing their Queen, bandmember and good friend well.