Best wishes for Miss Acorne!

Post date: Jun 03, 2014 11:26:25 AM

This is where we will gather all greeting and get-well-soon cards and letters the Gazette receives from people, be they hobbit, dwarf, elf or man, who want to express their good wishes personally to Miss Acorne, who is currently ill. Please send it to We wil add the new ones to the top. 

And yes, here is one already: 

For my biggest fan!  

Dear Miss Acorne,From the farmlands of Oatbarton, let me wish you a good and speedy recovery!

I know you already have my autograph, but I hereby send you a card with another one.

They say there will be a big party upon your return, so I'd better start writing a new song!

Get well soon, dear Acorne, my thoughts will be with you until you do.


Emylou Haggins.