Shire May Queen (and King) Election 2018

Post date: Apr 20, 2018 12:53:39 PM

By Nannie   

Tis hard ter believe that it will be the sixth year we've been searching!  

Each year around this time, the call goes out and the Shire decides which of the brave lassies who come forward, will be ter next wearer of the floral crown. From humble housewife ter hard working crafters, the race is open ter all   

Now, as the leaves on the trees change every year, tis only fair that ter Queen be renewed every year, otherwise we'd be keeping the same lassies and no giving others the chance.  

So... Are ye a lassie of the Shire? Do ye have what it takes ter be Queen of the May? If so, then don't delay, send yer name to me, Nannie, and ye could be the lucky one!

Over the years we've many a fine queen of the May. Miss Acorne to Miss Amorey and now Miss Dassa holds the crown, yet her time draws ter a close as it must.

So, lassies dust off yer dresses and pluck up yer courage - a wee dram may help with that one - Drop me a wee message via the Quick post - oh those laddies dunna like this coming month as they ken they'll have ter earn their ale! - or if ye see's me at the Green Dragon or market, let me know and ye too could be wearing the floral crown come May 5th!

Now ah hope ye lads are no thinking ah've forgotten yet this year! Oh no!

So laddies here's yer chance!

King Potty has worn the crown well this past year, but his time too is coming to an end.

Who will he be passing it too is the question?

If ye think ye have what it takes ter be the King o' the May, then drop me yer name and we'll see what we'll see!

Queen Dassa and King Potty the First

The search has begun to find our next Rulers of the May, all are invited ter try, who havena held the title before. Once we have some willing vict.... er candidates, their names will be listed here fer all ter see and then voting will be opened.

Ye have one week ter get yer names in ( so before or on April 27! ), then voting will open for those brave souls.

The event is open to all Hobbits of the Shire and beyond, results ter be announced at the party on May the 5th

Date : 5th May (Saturday)

Time : 8 pm ((BST, 3pm servertime))

Location : 4 Brookbank Street, Brightdown