The names of the Candidates of the Shire May Queen and King Election

Post date: Apr 28, 2018 11:14:18 AM

By Nannie  

Last night at the Green Dragon the latest young folk competing ter be the next Shire May Queen and King were announced. 

And here they are!   In the running for Shire May Queen we have:   Miss FradaMiss PeninaMiss MollywobblesMiss LinaMiss Pennyroyal Fer the role of her King, there is:Master BonkadocMaster JancoMaster Simbo So the voting is now open ter all hobbits of the Shire and beyond. Ye have two votes in total - one fer the lass of yer choice, the other fer the lad ye'd like ter be king!

Either send yer votes ter myself - Nannie or if ye see's me around the Shire, then give me a little whisper. I'll get it noted down and added ter yer choice.

Voting will close at the end of next Friday's Green Dragon celebration, in order fer the totals to be counted and the winners announce the following evening at the Shire May Queen gathering.

Good luck ter them all!