Partying in Oatbarton on a Saturday Night!

Post date: Nov 21, 2016 6:20:12 PM

By Peppy Bristlebrush  

You put down your sickle and you put down your hoe, 

Lay down your pitchfork and your trowel on the floor. 

Dance and be merry ‘til the morning light, 

Oatbarton on a Saturday night! 

Up in Oatbarton, working hours are long for the farmers who produce our oats and, ofcourse, onions. But each and every Saturday night, they put their farm implements in their sheds and get together for a drink, some pipeweed, exaggerated stories of the size of the fruits they've grown and ofcourse to dance. 

These gatherings are usually only visited by the inhabitants of Oatbarton and Northcotton, but when the last harvests of the season have been collected and safely stored, they feel the need for a more extravagant party and they invite all inhabitants of the Shire to come to their village. Local musicians, a band called the Evendim Hillbillies, will take care of the merry and danceable music, all in Oatbarton style, ofcourse.

The Evendim Hillbillies at the Yard party

And when the Evendim Hillbillies play, there is a fair chance, that famous former villager Emylou Haggins will join them on stage! The story of Miss Emylou is the subject of one of the Hillbillies' songs.

So, consider yourself invited! Here are the details of this event:

What: Oatbarton on a Saturdaynight with music by the Evendim Hillbillies

Where: Well, in Oatbarton ofcourse, in the North Farthing. Come to Auntie May's Barn (see below)

When: Saturday November 26, at 7:30pm ((UK, 2:30pm servertime))

About the musicians:

The Evendim Hillbillies were formed when Onionfarmer Pete left Oatbarton and met with Janco Bloatfoot, who also originates from Oatbarton. Janco had not been playing his clarinet anymore, after the Jolly Jelly Jesters broke up, but the two decided to get together and play the old repertoire (and more). They made new arrangements of more Oatbarton favourites and decided it was time to recruit a few more musicians. They were then joined by Anerra Happyheart, Lullymae Lockett and Potty Nutbutter. They first called themselves the Evendim Hillbillies Band, but soon they dropped the suffix "Band".

Emylou Haggins left Oatbarton several decades before Pete did. She went to Bree and started a succesful musical carreer there. When she heard the Hillbillies play a song dedicated to her, she was at first a bit offended, but she was also charmed by their talents. So whenever she can, she will join the Hillbillies on stage, singing some of her best-kown songs.

Young visitors (of level 10 and below) are very welcome, but they should come escorted by more experienced fighters, as crossing the Greenfields is very perilous to them! We hope that there will be a kind Captain who would be prepared to help out.

Directions to Auntie May's barn:

Assuming you have arrived at the Oatbarton Stablemaster, walk up the path leading North, then NorthWest.

That's where the forge is and where May Gardner a.k.a Auntie May stands. The musicians will then lead you to the audience area.


Click on the above map for a larger view.

Oatbarton style music is how the band calls their music, which consists of Cajun/Zydeco, Bluegrass, Country, a bit of Rock'nRoll and miscellanious other tunes. For some tunes new midifiles had to be made from scratch.

Considering the setting, the event is Hobbit-preferred, but other races are very welcome too. But please, don't block the view for the Hobbits.

Please, keep the SAY channel in character!

If you are proud that you recognise a certain tune, please use the OOC channel to share that with the others.

Feel free to come dressed (and roleplay) as a farmer!