November OAKS, bring your whole family to hear the Bragos

Post date: Oct 31, 2017 11:12:37 AM

By Acorne Oakley    


First I'd like ta thank the Azures Pleasures fer a truly outstandin concert when they visited Oldfurlong fer the October OAKS.....When I close my eyes and concentrate, it's like I can still see and hear them and then I vividly remember how great the evening was!   (( )) 


Fer those that wants ta hear more of this kind of music...ya could take a ride on the giant eagle Landroval on Sundays and listen ta the Andune Ensemble.   

I think they be almost as good as the Azure Pleasures      *grins*

On the second Saturday of November there will be anuther very special treat fer all of ya!

The days be gettin a wee bit cooler so it be a great time ta git yer whole family t'gether agin.

Them cooler days be a good time ta bask in the warm glow of a luvin family...but do ya wonder just what wood be fun fer yer whole family??

Well...comin ta the OAKS ..fer sure!

And what better ta make yer whole family feel like partyin than sharin that OAKS wit anuther mighty warm and friendly family of very talented musicians?

Ya're all gonna be happy when ya hear I found just the perfect family ta entertain ya!

                                  it be the Brago Family!

Course they call themselves the Brago Brothers.....( but I think they do that ta protect any who mite just happen ta be a sister from unwanted advances of certain menfolk )

So join me & my neighbours in Oldfurlong fer the November Oaks when we party wit the..

Brago Brothers

I first met Master Brago when he played solos...and mighty fine strummin that was fer certain!

And then he coaxed his brothers out of the mines ta join him.

I think all of the folks that visit the Nite of the Muses ( includin me definitely ) are happy he did...cause his music is even better now!!   Their music is so times I think them elufs mite get jealous   *giggles*  

                   PLUS...they can really rock!

But ya dont have ta take my word fer it...come see and hear fer yerself.

I am certain ya will be mighty glad ya did !!!

Join us the second Saturday of November when we drink, smoke, dance and party wit the

Brago Brothers

Please dont fergit yer lil ones..I no they'll luv this OAKS!

where:   the town square of the Oldfurlong neighborhood in the Shire homesteads

              ((Altfurch auf Deutsch / Longuevieille en français))

when:    Saturday November 11th at eight bells in the evenin

             (( 20:00 UK time / 21:00 CEST / 15:00 server time ))

Warm hugs ta everybodee,