November OAKS .. a time ta be Thankful

Post date: Oct 13, 2015 11:14:24 AM

By Acorne Oakley   


Sum folks set aside time in November fer giving thanks fer what they gots.   That seems a good thing ta me ta take time ta reflect on what ya got done durin the past year and be grateful fer what ya family or friends :)

Three of the ones I give thanks fer be in the next band playin fer the OAKS in November....

in fact they be the entire band!         *giggles*

One be a mighty fine lass who is definitely beloved not just by me but by all who no her :)

She has entertained us fer a long time wit her poems and music.....even tells ya the news in a song!

I still remember sittin on the floor of the Green Dragon while she wood read us letters what her brother Ponso sent ta her while he be off adventurin wit sum dwarfies.   And I reckon they was mighty glad he agreed ta come along cause he was cookin fer them.   I no first hand how good his cookin can be....*closes my eyes and smiles rememberin them delicious catfish cakes*.

And we of the Shire are mighty grateful...fer certain....fer all them fishin contests she and her brother, Ponso, set up fer us ta enjoy!

Next be a lovely lass who noes all about keepin things in order.   She be a treasure ta the Shire helpin make sure all them Inns stay in order and keep a fresh stock of ale around.   I no we all thank her kindly fer makin us feel safe not only within the bounds of the Shire but wherever she be...unless there be ore around what needs minin :)   She even thot up a way ta help all the bands keeps their songs in order by stitchin t'gether a new songbook fer us ta keep them in!

Now the last member be a lad who's always easy ta find in a crowd of hobbits cause of that long pointy hat he wears...

My Papa says a pointy hat may sumtimes be coverin a sharp mind and I think he be rite this time cause this lad is so very clever!

He seems ta do so many things wit such grace and a friendly easy-goin nature.

He has oft tried ta tell me that he aint nuthin special....but cant fool me cause I no fer sure he be one of the finest lads in all of Middle Earth!

I am totally in awe of all the raw musical talent there be wit these three.....ya could not find a finer trio anywhere if ya went ta the very ends of Middle Earth.

I am honoured ta call the three of them my friends and I luv them ta pieces :)

I guess they must luv me two cause...after many weeks of talkin... they agreed ta play fer the OAKS....

and I no beyond any shadow of any doubt that it will be a once in a lifetime performance!

It be wit both pride and pleasure that I announce the next OAKS will be .....

Miss Penina Pondhopper, Shirriff Nimelia Stoutfoot and Master Potty Nutbutter...


Please join us in the town square of the neighborhood of Oldfurlong in the Shire homesteads on Monday November 16th at 8 bells and ya'll be thankful ya did!

Whatever ya gots ta do ta get ta the Oldfurlong neighborhood that evenin....

do it!    Cause I no ya be kickin yerself laters if ya miss this one!!

where:  town square of the Oldfurlong neighborhood of the Shire homesteads

            ((Altfurch in Deutsch / Longuevieille en français, on the Laurelin server))

when:   Monday November 16th at eight bells in the evening

            ((20:00 UK time / 21:00 CET / 15:00 server time))

Hugs ta ya all,