Hope comes to Oldfurlong!

Post date: Aug 07, 2016 11:55:16 AM

By Acorne Oakley  


I hope all ya folks out there be enjoyin the summer.    

What's this I hear about sum of ya still bein cold?   well ya best get down off them Misty Mountains and join us in the Shire homesteads fer a fun evenin wit all the ale ya can drink (no worries we gots wine fer ya elufs), all the food ya can eat and all the pipeweed ya can smoke...

while we dance the nite away listenin ta anuther amazin group of mighty fine musicians!

Yup..come join us here in the Oldfurlong neighborhood... especially around Monday August 22nd.

Why then? Cause that be the next OAKS!

This time ya'll be gettin THREE OAKS!!!


That's rite! The band this month is gonna give ya folks THREE concerts that nite!

Ya could call it a three-trunk OAK   


It will be a marvelous evenin...wit a truly phenomenal

 ( Papa taut me that word...I think it means sumthin really special and that's what this band be ..fer sure ) ...

A truly phenomenal group which is a bit more than a band ...

They be a small orchestra!

The Hope

They sent along three posters to show what kind of music we can expect in the three parts of their concert....

First there be a section on music they picked up while travelin around Middle Earth....music from on the road.

Next is a section of music about minin fer sum ore they calls bricks (funny kind of iron ore maybee) ...probably fer the dwarfies in this group.

And Last..they finish wit a concert of music from when the Hope was fascinated by all things WHITE (I luvs white...mashed taters,mushrooms, corn and of course chicken covered in white gravy).This is gonna be truly an incredible OAKS so please join us in Oldfurlong on Monday August 22nd and save a dance fer me *winks*

where:  town square of the Oldfurlong neighborhood of the Shire homesteads

              (Altfurch in Deutsch / Longuevieille en français)

when:   Monday August 22nd at seven and a half bells in the evening

               (19:30 UK time/20:30 CET/14:30server time)

Hugs ta ya one and all,