February OAKS: This time the talent is home grown!

Post date: Feb 02, 2016 11:21:22 AM

By Acorne Oakley   


My dear ol' gammer told me February be a month fer tellin folks what ya luv that ya luvs them.....  

so here goes......I'm gonna tell three of them that I luv ......  

kind Miss Genne...I luvs ya and treasure yer friendship :)

precious Miss Ally.....I luvs ya and look forward ta yer warm hugs :)

and...dear Miss Toolee....I luvs ya and am offin quite touched by yer selfless generosity :)

A short while back Miss Ally and I both be in our neighborhood vault of Oldfurlong....we gots ta talkin about the OAKS and I told her I wood surely luv ta have their band come play fer all our neighbors, friends, and all who come by ta enjoy the OAKS wit us.

She thot a bit...bein a thotful lass and all...and said she wood have ta ask the others afore she could answer.   I told her ta take all the time she needs but please talk the others inta doin it :)

I herd from her a few days later and they all agreed ta come!!

I was absolutely thrilled!   I jumped fer joy!   and I surely did surprise Basil, the party planner, standin nearby.    *chuckles*

When I told him who was comin ta play fer a future OAKS...he said. "I will definitely have to send fer extra ale...gonna be a crowd fer this concert!"

I nodded in agreement and exclaimed, "Fer sure!   and more firewords two!"

Ya must have guessed by now this future OAKS be the February OAKS.

And it is both an honour and a pleasure ta be able ta tell all you folks that the February OAKS will be ......

The Aleford Band!!!


This time I even got a message fer all ya folks from Miss Gennetta Aleford....

"This month's Oldfurlong Amazing Koncert features The Aleford Band.  Gennetta, Allegretta and Toolee invite you ter an evenin of songs and tunes under the Shire oak in the market square of Oldfurlong. 

The Aleford Band play an eclectic mix of musical genres in which the only stipulation is that the tune has to be good and entertaining.

Ballads, jigs and reels, rock, classical and pop tunes all appear in their repertoire.

When you attend an Aleford gig be prepared for variety, and have tissues at the ready!"

I can vouch fer it....a concert wit The Aleford Band is all that and more!

I have been in awe of Miss Genne and Miss Toolee's musical arrangements fer a long time.

and the lyrics of Miss Ally make ya laugh at sum, shed sum tears at others, and have turned many inta becomin a bird-watcher....but maybee it be the birds who had better be watchin. *giggles*


Seriously.....tho it be against my nature ta be serious fer two long....

these lasses are not just good neighbors and wonderful friends, but three of the finest musical talents in all of Middle Earth!

This will be an outstandin concert I have no doubt!

Do yer neighbor a favour and bring him along wit ya when ya come ta the next OAKS....especially ifin he can dance :)

Join us in the Oldfurlong neighborhood of the Shire homesteads on Tuesday February 23 when we have anuther outstandin party wit all the beer/ales/wines ya can drink, all the pipeweed ya can smoke, and all the food anybodee could ever want!     and of course a lot of fun dancin ta the music of ....The Aleford Band!!

where: town square of the Oldfurlong neighborhood of the Shire homesteads

            ((Altfurch in Deutsch / Longuevieille en français, on the Laurelin server))

when:  Tuesday February 23rd at eight bells in the evening

            ((20:00 UK time / 21:00 CET / 15:00 server time))

Hugs ta ya one and all,