Fabulous Fourth Forest wit Fresh Fiddles and Fantastic Friends!

Post date: Apr 27, 2018 11:44:50 AM

By Acorne Oakley  


Let me tell ya quickly....The Forest of OAKS... where I invite all the folks that have played in the OAKS over the past year ta come back and all play in one day...

will be comin up on Saturday 12th of May!

 starting at seven bells (7pm UK, 2pm Servertime)

In Oldfurlong, where else? ( Altfurch auf Deutsch / Longuevieille en français )

  the Fourth Forest..who new it wood last this long? :)


But first... 

I want ta thank all the terrifically talented folks that came out ta share their music wit us on April 7 fer the April OAKS..

     *bows*  thank ya one and all most sincerely

We were treated ta sum mighty fine music from these kind folks who could each be called a real artist...

 so many wonderful styles of music that reminded all of us in the audience of the variety of ways one artist alone can truly entertain a crowd

The April OAKS began wit a dear lass we all no around our Shire, who played sum endearin lyrics remindin us hobbits about the rainy sky which leads ta swishy mud atween our toes, eatin biscuits...and life along the fair Brandywine...

then came a sweet lad who had several lasses all aflutter and wantin ta run off wit a pirate.. and them barely let him get off the stage afore they swarmed him fer his kisses.....

Followed by a lad new ta performin who had sum intense trainin ta make his first solo performance really special and his somewhat over zealous mentor who couldnt seem ta stop interruptin the poor lad...                                   *scolds Bruzo*

Next came a lass from over Belly Gear way wit a beautiful beard who showed sum truly beautiful strummin..which nobodee dared interrupt even tho she left her ax at home....

Later came a most luvable lad (that keeps gettin confused on Wednesdays when he imagines I have transformed inta a Rose fer the evenin) who sang of anuther magical transformation in a cool secret garden...

followed by a lovely Tall lass who enchanted us wit her lovely harp and the music it makes...

Followed by two tall mighty talented menfolk ..

one who sumhow seems ta no about what romance is like among the hobbits...or does he?  *winks*

his lyrics be both touchin and funny...

and the second makes us feel as if our feets feel a flame cause they cant stop dancin when we hear the power of his lute..and who puts a depth of feelin inta his music that is very endearin ta folks who be listenin...

I herd sumone say this lad is on fire....

but dont go throwin water on the stage!

cause ya mite mess up his fancy purple hat....

Also my cousin Louellana whose charm and sweetness shows in her gentle music and grand lyrics...I assure ya I'm not sayin this just cause she be my cousin...

and dear sweet Papa who helps me in so many ways that I could never hope ta tell ya just how wonderful he be...not the least of which be when he came up wit a song fer all the solo artists ta play t'gether..

A very special thanks ta ya Papa fer all the many, many things ya have done ta help me wit the OAKS over the years ..ya be grand ..truly grand ..in every sense of the word  :D

 (( Fer all who wants ta see the April OAKS....or all who wants ta see it agin...here be sum magical drawings Miss Leddy made that day...

      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bhiTZEw3UYA ))

Be sure and watch all the way ta the endin cause dear Holly is the last solo artist wit a surprise endin    *winks*

and thanks ta dear Holly, Master Bruzo, and Miss Belaya fer all their  courage findin what be missin...*cheers*

and  NOW!!!!

it be time fer the Forest of OAKS in May!

when all the bands that have played at the OAKS over the past year ...and solo artists from April..come back ta play all in one day!!                              


Comin up on Saturday May 12 ..the second Saturday in May ..

startin at seven bells in the evenin...

 ya can come see a whole year of OAKS....kind of...all in one day!

What a great party!!

This will be an absolutely amazin day which includes so many wonderful talents...

the Chapel of Musical Friendship,

the Azure Pleasures,

the Brago Brothers,

the Lanterns of Nimrodeliant,  

Mardi Gras Party Band,


the Dulcet Tones,

 and the new band......the Band of Solo Artists from April   

This is gonna be AWESUM!

All folks of Middle Earth be welcome     *bows*   

so come and bring all yer friends be they tall or regular size....round as a barrel or thin as a willow..

All be welcome at the Forest of OAKS!

Come join us in the Oldfurlong neighborhood and  let's rock!

 ( please leave yer pickaxes in yer burrows ...not that kind of rocks )

where:   the town square of the Oldfurlong neighborhood in the Shire homesteads

                    ((Altfurch auf Deutsch / Longuevieille en français))

when:    Saturday May 12th at seven bells in the evenin

                   (( 19:00 UK time / 20:00 CET / 14:00 server time ))

Warm hugs ta everybodee,