Come join us in the Forest of OAKS!

Post date: May 02, 2017 9:29:57 AM

By Acorne Oakley  


It be May agin and a lovely time ta venture back inta the forest....the Forest of OAKS  *grins*  

Every May I invite back all the bands that have played at the OAKS over the past year....

ta come back ta Oldfurlong and each play fer 30 minutes.

I call this the Forest of OAKS!

It be May agin so I'm invitin them all back ta play fer 30 minutes...all in one day!

Sadly tho folks....three of the bands this year wont be comin back :(

Them Nocturnal Desires got drunk after their last concert up at the Plough & Stars...

Rumours circulatin say they had quite a lively conversation....

I think one of them mite have used that plough on anuther one ..

and then that one saw sum stars...

well it ended wit a bit of a noisy ruckus and seems they went separate ways after that.

Quite a different thing happened ta Dance Flora...

them sweet lasses have gotten the Spring Fever and it seems the only way ta cure that be ta go off dancin in the wildflowers....

So that's what they be doin...and that's why they be two busy ta come by the Forest of OAKS in Oldfurlong this May.

We'll probably see them back along about June or so.

Have fun, Lasses!    

That brings me back ta the band that was here last January...Radagast's Pipe....

They told us all at the time that wood be their very last it's not unexpected that they not be comin back.

I was thrilled that they chose the OAKS fer this great honour...

and I have fond memories of all of us joinin Master Newel and Radagast's Pipe on stage fer the last song...his last farewell...

makes me happy rememberin but mighty sad ta no that we can only hear them agin in dear Miss Holly's magick pictures.

      We bid farewell ta Radagast's Pipe a truly awesum band

                *waves Bye as a tear rolls down her cheek*


             *brushes the tear off her cheek and smiles*

But there still be sum amazin bands that be comin ta the Forest of OAKS!

Come early...then stay late so ya dont miss a thing :)

It will start wit folks gettin ta hear Polnolunie sing of the fun of visitin the Shire...

followed later by the Hope which holds the record fer the longest song ever at an OAKS! 

Next the Shire Tramps will show what sensational music can be made wit only two instruments!

Then the outstandin music of Instant Play includin sum truly exceptional classics cause their leader Sev be good friends wit Moe Zart and Instant Play surely does a fine job wit his music...

Then Skarn will bring sum rocks fer all of us....or was that keep it rockin....

As the evenin winds down, dear ARDA will share their music both sweet and swingin..

We will end the evenin rollin out & rockin wit the kegs...the Rolling Kegs!

Fer a list of bands and times ..look above at this poster I made fer y'all....

   ((all times listed be Shire or UK time ))

As a matter of fact this year...there be sumthin mighty special!!

Durin this Forest of OAKS on Saturday May 13, I have decided ta do a 10th Anniversary Tribute ta LOTRO music ....and I'm invitin back 10 bands that have played at the OAKS afore ta play one song....

The bands that have agreed ta come back fer this special tribute ta the music we luv in LOTRO include sum of the bestest bands in all of Middle Earth! :D

It all starts at five bells in the evenin in the town square of Oldfurlong.......

there is bound ta be sumthin every one of ya folks will luv     *smiles*

This is gonna be a mighty rousin party ..fer sure!

So join us in the Forest on Saturday May 13 fer a party ya wont soon fergit!!

where:  the town square of the Oldfurlong neighborhood of the Shire homesteads.

              ((Altfurch in Deutsch / Longuevieille en français))

when:    Saturday May 13th startin at 5 bells

               (( Noon EST/ 17:00 UK time/ 18:00 CEST )) 

Warm hugs ta ya one and all,