Barbel Bounty - a Fishing Match

Post date: Oct 30, 2018 1:6:23 PM

By Ponso Pondhopper  

The Barbel 

A fine fish is the barbel! It’s none too common in the waters of the Shire but it’s a grand fish to angle for. You see, this fellow likes the deep, slow-moving waters in preference to the shallows and fast streams. But it needs the water to be well aerated and a steady supply of insect larvae to feed on. So, its perfect habitat is in the pools downstream of rapids and waterfalls. And where better to find them than under the Little Delving waterfall behind Sandson’s farm?   It's the place the Evendim Hillbillies sing about in their song "Jewel Lake".

So, next Saturday, the Shire Angling Club is hosting a Barbel Bounty Fishing Match, with all the usual prizes and a special prize for the biggest barbel pulled out of the water! Before we head off to the pool, I will give a short talk in the yard of the Bird and Baby and answer any questions you might have about this fine fish. Did you know, for example that you can cook this fish, but that a part of it is poisonous? You didn’t? Then come along and find out more about this cousin of the carp.

We shall meet at seven and a half bells on Saturday 3rd November in the yard of the Bird and Baby, in Michel Delving. Bring a rod and be prepared for a treat! Set yer tackle deep and be prepared for a fight! This fish is stronger than it looks.

Ponso Pondhopper

Club President

Shire Angling Club

What: Fishing Match

When: Saturday 3rd November 19:30 ((UK time, 20:30 CET, 15:30 Server time))

Where: Bird and Baby yard, Michel Delving