Another candidate for Deputy mayor! No longer a certain victory garanteed

Post date: Dec 06, 2010 5:15:16 PM

By Yola Plumblossom    


At the election luncheon on the 5th, a surprise candidate was presented to those attending. A hobbit calling himself Hamwick Noakes claimed he had filed for candidacy for Deputy Mayor. However, no such letter had been received, but a thorough search revealed the document that had slipped under the doormat somehow.

After reading the letter and noticing that it was sent on time, it was decided to accept Master Hamwick as a candidate.

There is just one thing that still needs to be resolved: It is demanded of the Deputy Mayor that he or she lives in Bramblebury. Master Hamwick says he has an estate in Bramblebury, that came unto him by inheritance. This matter shall be put before the Surveyor's Office in Michel Delving.

But if this candidate is viable, then it is no easy going for other candidate Byronbrand Stepwise anymore. In a comment Master Byronbrand announced to go a step further in his campaign, intensifying his activities in aquiring the votes of Bramblebury inhabitants.

From official circles, a last minute debate has been announced. On the night of the election, december 19th, just before the voting, both candidates will go into a debate, giving the voter the opportunity to see who will be their best Deputy Mayor. No holds will be barred at that debate!