Byronbrand elected Deputy Mayor, Nimelia Local Shirriff

Post date: Dec 20, 2010 10:37:29 AM

December 19th, election night in Bramblebury. A night to never forget!But what counts is the outcome of the voting: Our new Deputy Mayor is Byronbrand Stepwise and as Local Shirriff was appointed Nimelia Stoutfoot.We wish them both good fortune and wisdom in their new jobs!But also we'd like to express our appreciation for the other candidates in this election, the ones who did not make it: Merebald and Meregrim Shortfellow and Hamwick Noakes. Even if they did not get elected, these hobbits had the courage to enter the election as candidate. They made the effort, but unfortunately did not succeed.

On election night, many showed up to give their support to their favourite candidate. To start the evening off, there was a debate between the two candidates for mayor. These gentlehobbits had not met each other before and little was known about the plans of Master Noakes for the future of Bramblebury. But in the debate they had the chance to express such plans and to answer questions from the public. The public, the voters, had the chance not only to interrogate the candidates on issues that were important for them, but got more information to base their important decision on: who will lead and guide our community in the time to come!

During the actual voting there was musical entertainment by a variety of performers and nice fresh pies were served to the guests by charming Miss Ylissa. Voters lined up in an orderly fashion before the polling station and one by one they entrusted their votes to Miss Yola, who wrote them down on her list. The polling station was kept open just a bit longer, as word arrived that more voters were on their way to Bramblebury, but had been delayed.As the votes were being counted, it was time that the guest of honour, Mayor Wil Whitfoot, would arrive. His job was it to announce the winners and to decorate them officially in their new function. In stead of keeping his promise he had sent a parcel to the election committee, containing a letter that gave the authority to the members to officially install whoever had won the election. The parcel also contained the Deputy Mayor's official necklace and the Local Shirriff's official club.

First Master Bovso called to him Nimelia Stoutfoot as winner of the shirriff election. She was officially announced as the Local Shirriff of Bramblebury and was handed over a fine sturdy club to help her to uphold the peace. Then the Bramblebury musicians surprised her with a musical ode.Now it was Miss Yola's turn to announce and decorate the winner of the mayor election. She had deviously decided to keep the suspense a little longer and had written a song ("two versions!") in which she unveiled who had won.Then Master Byronbrand was called forward to receive his decorations and officially be appointed Deputy Mayor of Bramblebury. But the chivalrous Master Byron first wanted to shake hands with his adversary, Master Noakes. After that he received a chain of office, beautifully made with platinum chainlinks and an adamant pendant, and the key to the Deputy Mayor's personal privy.

After this a party started with festive music and fireworks. The time had past too quickly and many voters had to go to their homes to sleep and prepare themselves for the next day, for sure for most a day of work.

The election committee wants to thank everyone who has in some form participated and helped out in this event: candidates, voters, inhabitants, non-inhabitants, musicians, pie-carriers, stand-ins, fireworklaunchers, newspaper reporters, entertainers of skirmish soldiers, collectors of flower petals, sketch artists, dancers, listeners, question-makers, ale brewers, cooks, jewellers, woodworkers, and many more.

Bovso Oakengates

Yola Plumblossom

The election committee.