Song - the New Mayor

Post date: Dec 20, 2010 2:53:25 PM

The New Mayor   by Yola PlumblossomWhen you're in Brambleburyyou do not have to worrynor do you have to hurry,just have a real good time!It's wonderful to live hereFantastic just to be hereThere is no other place wherejust everything feels fine!Elections are today andWe had to choose between them,

Two candidates were battling

who would be our new mayor!

and after much debating

counting and calculating

we let them know in Delving

who is the deputy mayor!

The plan that had us paying

taxes for the playing

and partying, was daring

But we voted: Nay!

But if we're promised richness

grandness and good business,

then certainly you'll witness,

that surely we vote: Aye!

Our new mayor is a guy

who promised us much pie

and surely that is why

you voted for him now!

So here is the conclusion,

the outcome and solution:

We often call him Byron,       

His name is Byronbrand!

When you're in Bramblebury

you do not have to worry

nor do you have to hurry,

just have a real good time!

It's wonderful to live here

Fantastic just to be here

There is no other place where

just everything feels fine!

Some information about the artist:

Miss Yola is a young and talented musician who has recently started to write song lyrics. She was inspired to do this by her great example, Miss Lina Willowwood, who has given her some advice. Miss Yola is the editor of the Bramblebury Gazette and a keen ponyrider.