Local Shirriff Case File Number 4

Post date: Oct 24, 2012 5:28:32 AM

by Mellam Hollytoes. 

Local Shirriff Case File Number 4

Mr Tiggywinkle disappears:

It was a quite morning in Oldfurlong and I was slowly getting used to my role as the new local shirriff.

I was doing my normal morning patrol around the homesteads outer road, when Miss Wytha Brandybuck hailed me. She seemed in some distress so I approached her and asked what was wrong.

It appears her cat Mr Tiggywinkle had not been seen for a couple of days, and she asked me to locate him for her. I assured her I would get onto it right away and not to worry to much as I'm sure Mr Tiggywinkle was fine.

Miss Brandybuck gave me a description which I wrote down. 

[Mr Tiggywinkle: Male cat about five years old with a green collar and brown and blacked stripped coat.]

I made a poster to go up around the homestead with Mr Tiggywinkle's description then set off to find the absent cat.

Now it appears on the day of said cats disappearance some young hobbits were letting off fireworks by Miss Brandybucks barrow.  With this knowledge I tracked down the young scallywags at their normal hangout, a tree over hanging the homestead lake. Looking at the pair [Sando and Holben Sandytoes] I sensed they were boisterous hobbits not catknappers, so asked if they had seen said cat on the day in question.

They assured me they had not but did notice a cart travelling to the homesteads entrance. Deciding this was worth following up I thanked the lads and headed to the entrance. Andy Brockhouse was my next witness being as he keeps an eye on the coming and goings of the homesteads.

Talking to Andy was the right move, as it transpires the cart belonged to a dwarf doing repairs on one of the road lamps in the homestead. The dwarves name was Doring Stonegrinder and he resided at Thorins hall, but I was informed by Andy Brockhouse that he was doing a job for Lobelia Sackville-Baggins at Bagend.

Well this was an awkward turn of events but that's the lot of a local shirriff. I got my pony and rode off to Bagend with no plan of action coming to mind as I trotted along.

As I got to bottom of the hill leading up to Bagend I noticed a cart parked by the party tree. A dwarf was talking to Opal Goodbody by the large ovens there. Could this be Master Stonegrinder the dwarf I was seeking, crossing my fingers I approached the pair.

I introduced myself and explained about Mr Tiggywinkle, and the situation. The dwarf was indeed Master Stonegrinder but he said he had not seen no cat on the day in question. Thinking for moment I asked if we could search the cart and Master Stonegrinder agreed. As we was searching he did mention the odd squeaking coming from his cart wheels of late but thought it was lack of grease that was causing it. 

Just he said this we heard said squeaking coming form a tool box near one of the wheels. Opening the lid revealed a very sorry looking Mr Tiggywinkle, who seemed in need of some supper. Master Stonegrinder was shocked at the furry stowaway but happy the cat was all right. 

After a fish supper for all of us provided by Miss Goodbody, I travelled with a happier Mr Tiggywinkle back to Oldfurlong.

Well the said Mr Tiggywinkle was reunited with his owner Miss Brandybuck, and case number 4 was over to a happy conclusion.

Report ends: Local Shirriff Mellam Hollytoes investigating officer.

Signed Mellam