Yule play and wassailling

Post date: Dec 12, 2014 10:39:47 AM

By Lina Willowwood 

The GOATs unveil their brand-new play! And for the fourth year, The Brandy Badgers go wassailing in Winterhome! Joy come to our jolly theatrical wassail! 

Date: Sunday December 28th 

Time: 7:30PM UK ((2:30PM servertime)) 

Location: Winterhome, Frostbluff, stable master. 

Once again, the people of Winterhome have opened their doors for us and invited us to join in their Yule festivities. To thank them for all the work they do for us, the Brandy Badgers will once again go wassailing in Winterhome, this year on Sunday December 28th. We will walk through the town, stop at the houses, and wish the people well with our songs.

The same night, the Grand Order Acting Troupe will be proud to present the first-ever performance of their brand-new yule play, "Mischief at Yuletide". For far too long, the inhabitants of Winterhome have been left pining for a new theatrical performance. Now is their chance! The play will be performed during the Wassailing.

We would be happy if you joined us there!

((OOC details This event involves two of the cultural groups in the Grand Order: The Grand Order Acting Troupe (GOAT) and The Brandy Badgers. They will spread some holiday cheer in Winterhome, wish the locals well, perform a theatrical play and play yule songs for them. Yer all invited along! It is quite likely that Winterhome will be layered, with players split into different versions of the village. Please contact the organizers for instructions of how to get into the right layer. For both the play and the songs, please remember that the range of words spoken in the /say channel in LOTRO is short and unpredictable. You should consider running up close to any vocalists or actors to be sure that you "catch their talk", then you can run back, settle down and enjoy the show!))