Yard party back to where many say it belongs

Post date: Jun 03, 2014 11:3:33 AM

By Peppy Birstlebrush  Things got as heated as only pies in the oven should, after Master Chucro had announced the Bird and Baby Yard Parties would in future take place in Muckwell. The regulars did not agree and one of the staff even handed back her pinny (Not Miss Bilbeto I hasten to add). We cannot blame Master Chucro for his enthusiasm for the newly aquired grounds, that would suit a party well, even in rainy conditions, as there are many party tents erected on the lawn. 

Maybe things went a bit too fast, but anyway: It has been decided that the regular Bird and Baby Yard Parties will take place at the Bird and Baby, as they did from the very start of this weekly event.

There are however plans in the making for special events: excursions to the brewery and warehouse, including special ale and wine tastings, competitions and much more. For these, the Bird and Baby grounds in Muckwell are very suitable. But partygoers will be informed beforehand when such an event is planned.

Until then, please enjoy the Bird and Baby Yard Party, the excellent food, the exquisite drinks and the hospitality of the Bird and Baby Staff!