Where to go?? That's up to you!

Post date: Oct 03, 2017 2:42:33 PM

By Peppy Bristlebrush, editor   

A percipient reader wrote to the Gazette saying: What gives, Master Peppy? You tell us about two events that occur on the same day! What do you expect us to do now?  Well, dear percipient reader, that is entirely up to you! You have the choice. We just try to make you aware of what the possibilities are. It would not be good, if our editors would decide to pick just one event and only write about that one.

So it sometimes happens that two events are planned on the same day. To be honest, the Hobbit Calendar is rather full and with the regular weekly and bi-weekly events that we already have, it can be hard to find a date that is not "taken" yet.

We have at times tried to bring the organisers of coinciding events together to see if they could find a way out and sometimes they can. But  this is not always possible.

But the bottom line is, that it is not up to the Gazette to make a choice, it is up to you, our readers. And sometimes the choice is a hard one when both events are equally attractive. We will keep you informed about them and then you will decide where to go.

Have a good time, no matter what your decision will be!