Welcome to the Lazy Hobbits Club!

Post date: Feb 23, 2022 8:19:7 PM

By Pycella Woodberry 

If yer like some lazy and relaxed pastime, join the Lazy Hobbits Club!

Hobbits cherish a peaceful way of life, an uneventful one, featuring many comforting meals and moments when time seems to stand still. Well, not everyone maybe, but there are a few lazy hobbits out there, for sure. So why not be lazy together? The more the lazier!

That’s why we wanted to experiment a little and establish a Lazy Hobbits Club. It’s a gathering of lazy hobbits who do something lazily together – work on the farm fields, help out townsfolk, go fishing, tend to farm animals… Whatever they are interested in doing. And as many (lazy) hobbits like an early nap, these gatherings start a bit earlier than usual. Here are the details of the first meet-up where everyone is welcome to join.

Date: Saturday 5th March

Time6:30PM ((UK, 1:30PM server time)), duration approx. one hour

Location: The Hobbiton stables, the Shire

At our first meet-up, we’ll gather some pie ingredients for the Early Pie Day Party. Miss Pycella wants to bake a special pie, and she needs help to gather the ingredients. The Hobbiton area is a good place to search for them, so we will meet there by the stables, in front of the Ivy Bush Inn. Should you need any instructions, please contact Miss Pycella.

((OOC: This is a hobbit roleplaying event that we would like to make a recurring one, if there’s interest. The earlier starting time is to accommodate the players in earlier timezones. Each gathering has a loose theme/plan, e.g. helping NPCs, fishing, searching for lost farm animals and so on, but we let room for improvisation and surprises along the way. All hobbits are welcome, but also lazy travelling dwarves can join if they wish.))