Welcome to the Happy Chicken Burrow

Post date: Oct 23, 2022 3:11:15 PM

by Ylve Frizzyleaf 

When cousin Yole decided to start pursuing some secret missions with her even more secret friends, I was left with a very large burrow to take care of during her absence. Having my own home with plenty of pets, I didn’t want to move in, but we all know what an empty burrow means: cobwebs and mice. *shivers* So I thought why not make it a cosy meeting point for fellow hobbits?

Entirely run by a volunteering staff, the Happy Chicken Burrow offers plenty of food in its cosy little pub, a lounge area by a very special fireplace, a small museum aisle with all the incredible Mathoms cousin Yole and her mysterious friends are gathering during their adventures and, last but not least, a cellar with second-hand furniture and some additional goodies.

To find the cellar, once inside the burrow, head over the smaller room on the left side. There, you’ll find a chest containing all the instruction necessary.

Whether you want to enjoy a meal with friends, relax by the fire after a long day, take a look at the oddities in the museum, feel free to stop by. Everyone is welcome at the Happy Chicken Burrow!

Location: 5 Brookbank Street, Grassvale, The Shire

((Inside the housing chest you will find some spare furniture, wall decorations, food, and more. Feel free to pick and choose whatever you like and, if you want, leave your own goodies for other to grab!))