Wedmath Catfish Hunt

Post date: Jul 12, 2016 10:21:23 PM

By Ponso Pondhopper  

Well, we are in the heights of Summer, despite the dreadful weather. Now, fellow anglers and lovers of cooked fish, a little Summer treat for you all. This year marks the very first Annual Wedmath Catfish Hunt! We shall meet up in Woodhall at seven and a half bells on the seventh day of Wedmath and spend a happy hour or two tempting the catfish out of their pool ’neath Woodhall Bridge.  As usual there will be prizes for the lucky (and unlucky) winners, entertainment, if folk would be kind enough to bring it, and a grand fry up afterwards, so the cooks might want to stock up on breadcrumbs and the like…

Now, catfish are very interesting animals, as well as being very, very tasty, and I intend to spend a little time before the match to tell you a little about their habitat and life cycle, and of course the best way to catch ‘em! So we shall spend a little time in the middle of Woodhall before heading out to the water’s edge. (So plenty of time for tardy anglers to join us before the match starts – you know who you are!) Now, as usual there is no need to register, just turn up on the day with your fishing tackle and bait. Hopefully the stocks of catties will hold up in this wet weather and we shall be in for a treat!

Do come and join us, and tell all your friends,

Ponso Pondhopper

President, Shire Angling Club

What: Fishing Match

Where: Woodhall

When: 30 July at 7:30 pm ((UK time, 2:30 pm Servertime))

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