(Too much of ) A challenge for hobbits with vertigo

Post date: Mar 31, 2016 11:24:47 AM

By Peppy bristlebrush   

Do you suffer from vertigo, the fear of heights? I do! So much even, that when leaving my burrow I always step over the doorstep, never on it. When my windmill needs repairing I ask a friendly neighbour to do it and pay him with a private concert.  

I thought my worst nightmare consisted of dreaming I had to repair the Floating Log's roof, but I have a new one now!  

Amidst the mail I found a colourful poster. It had pictures of food on it, so naturally I was intrigued. O, and it was announcing a concert! Great! The Rory and Gaby Project on Tour. Marvelous!

The Rory and Gaby Project has been playing their exotic music in the Shire before and found much acclaim. You should go and hear for yourselves: On April 17th, 19:30 ((UK, 14:30 servertime)) They play at the... No, wait, on top of the ... WHAT?!

I nearly crumpled up the poster, ready to toss it in the bin, but I had a change of heart and unwrinkeled it again.

They play on top of the High Kings Crossing statue. Have you ever seen that thing during your travels through Evendim? It is huge!!! Imagining climbing that statue turns me into a shivering pile of despair!

But if, unlike me, you don't suffer from vertigo, then by all means: the music of Rory and Gaby is well worth the climb!

Note: the Bramblebury Gazette rejects all claims of harm caused by falls or traumatic injuries induced by fear of heights!

((Click on poster for a better view))