To honour Gammer Took

Post date: Nov 27, 2013 9:2:5 AM

By Yola Plumblossom   Well known resident of Michel Delving, Judicea "Gammer" Took, has retired as Bard of Michel Delving. Many years she has assisted and advised us when it came to managing "traits". But the authorities have laid her off without so much as a thank you!  

Gammer Took has decided not to leave Michel Delving or go to some old folks home. She will still run her shop of musical instruments and sit in front of it, waving to every wanderer and pony rider that passes her door, always prepared for a chat and the exchanging of the latest gossips with those nosey hobbits.  

To show her our gratitude for many years of service, we propose to have a little party in her honour at her house on December 3rd, starting around 8 bells . Bring musical instruments, food, ales and above all: your good hobbit cheer! O, and a few juicy gossips!

One word of warning: Watch out for reckless riders. There are many of them in Gammer Took's corner of Michel Delving!

What: a little party in honour of Gammer Took

Where: at Gammer Took's house, Michel Delving, at the beginning of the road to Waymeet

When: December 3rd, at 8pm ((UK, 3pm servertime))