Tis that time again!

Post date: Mar 30, 2019 8:8:30 PM

By Nannie 

Date: Saturday 4th May 

Time: 8pm (BST) 

Location: Shire Rose Kin-Hall, Brightdown 

Hear ye! Hear ye! Tis time ter seek out our next budding Queen of the May, much ter the relief no doubt of Miss Lina. And we'll no ferget her (un)willing Prince consort. 

Now as always the guidelines are the same, from humble housewife ter hard working crafters, the race is open ter all. The May Queen renews each year like the trees change their leaves, so all have the same chance to wear the floral crown.

Do ye know of someone who should be our next Queen? or are ye that Hobbit? If so, ye needs ter send me a wee message or if'n ye see me wandering round the Shire, then tell me then the lassies or lads name and ah'll make a note of it fer later.

Ye have till the 18th of April ter get those good hobbits names ter me, and ah'll be announcing who's in the running and how ter vote at Green Dragon that Friday the 19th


This may well be a picture of Nannie herself, being elected May Queen in her youth! Who knows? Or is it just a silly rumour?