Time for some fowl play and tag!

Post date: May 27, 2022 4:43:2 PM

By Pycella Woodberry

This time of the year, many hobbits are busy at their farms. All work and no play can make a dull hobbit, so we better give hobbits an opportunity to enjoy some games. That’s why we are heading to Breelands where we can play hobnanigans and the game of tag. Mark this date in your calendar and prepare your pony for travelling.

Date: Sunday 5th June Time: 7PM ((UK; 2PM server time))

Location: Hobnanigans fields, Horsefields, Breeland

First, we will play some rounds of hobnanigans. If the game is new to you, don’t worry, we’ll go through how it works. Then, we will rest a bit, maybe enjoy some music, and have a picnic before we try the game of tag in the nearby ruins. There are two types of tag we can try.

Welcome to join this relaxed and playful event! Remember to bring some picnic food along too! 

((OOC: This is an event where roleplaying hobbits visit the Breeland Horsefields for some games. We’ll mostly stay in character, except when we need to explain some technicalities about the games themselves. This is a good opportunity to get some tokens for rewards and try the game of tag which is available at the nearby ruins at any given time. You can learn more about hobnanigans here and the game of tag here. If you miss the event this time, do not worry, another chance should come later on!))