Thoughts about Green Dragon Friday. A must read!

Post date: Apr 24, 2016 10:48:5 AM

The Green Dragon Inn in Bywater on a Friday Night... The place to really be a Hobbit and flaunt your Hobbit lifestyle, tell a story, riddle or poem, or listen to one or several, sing a song about things that really matter to us. Or just go there to see your friends and talk to them, perhaps to see that lass or lad you have a crush on and hope they will accept your invitation to dance.  

That's how it all started, now almost eight years ago. But Green Dragon Friday has changed over the years, and quite a lot recently. It is in danger of losing it's unique character. This worries those who experienced the old days, the beginning of Green Dragon Friday. Most notably among those is Miss Lina Willowwood who often hosts the evenings at the Green Dragon.  

She has written down her concerns and also guidelines that may help to preserve Green Dragon Friday in it's intended fashion.

So please visit her Biscuity Burrow and read:

Green Dragons, Roleplaying and music making

We at the Bramblebury Gazette hope that you will and take these concerns to heart. It is important to preserve this very outspoken aspect of Hobbit life in our beloved Shire.

Also, feel free to leave your own thoughts and comments at the bottom of that page.

Zara tells a poem to the audience, who listened in near silence