Thirteen: Lucky for some!

Post date: Jun 22, 2018 5:33:17 PM

By Ponso Pondhopper  

Thirteen contestants, 362 fish caught and one Supreme Salmon Champion. As in previous years, we met in Brockenborings before wending our way across the Greenfields to the special spot by the Brandywine where the salmon congregate on their long swim down the river. As usual two contests were held, one for the salmon fishers and a junior category who focused on catfish, barbel, dace and the like. Altogether eighteen salmon were landed, of all shapes and sizes, three of which were deemed to be over 40 pounds.  

The winners of the Junior category were Mister Nawagrim, in second place, with 27 points and Master Bleabo, the clear winner with 38 points.

In the Senior category, runner-up prizes went to Miss Daffney (44 points), Miss Pycella (47 points) and Miss Mollywobbles (48 points). In joint third place with 49 points, Miss Kapelka and Mister Hooh. Second place went to Miss Dassa, last year’s Salmon Champion, with 51 points. The winner of the Senior prize was Miss Lina with a whopping 62 points!

The weigh-in for the biggest salmon had the following results:

Miss Pycella: 41 lb 8 oz

Miss Mollywobbles: 43 lb 7 oz

Miss Daffney: 49 lb 14 oz

So, Miss Daffney was awarded the title Supreme Salmon Champion and a fine Pellenor Pig, donated by Master Frivo Nibletoes of Budgeford. The record still belongs to Mister Simbo Rumblebelly with his catch of a 57 lb 3 oz salmon two years ago.