Third Annual Brandywine Salmon Run  Promises to be a Fine Event

Post date: Feb 29, 2016 9:36:18 AM

By Penina Pondhopper  

The recent rains have swelled the waters of the Brandywine, creating a good fast stream; excellent conditions for the salmon making their way back down from the lake at the head of the Brandywine. Now’s your chance to land yourself a fine supper and perhaps walk off with the Annual Brandywine Salmon Trophy, currently held by Mister Potty, with a 40 pounder he caught two years ago!  

Usual competition rules apply. This year the trout are also fair game, so we will have a separate award for the heaviest salmon and the first Golden Trout. In addition there will be a prize for the most fish caught overall (with the usual penalties for weeds and other junk).

Never caught a salmon? Don’t worry! There will be a parallel competition for you, where we will be counting the number of Shire fish caught, and a prize for the biggest Barbel. So time to wax your lines, polish your rods and select the biggest juiciest worms from your garden! Meet at Brockenborings, by the Windmill at seven and a half bells ((7:30PM UK time)) on Saturday 5th March. We shall enjoy a brisk walk over the Greenfields to the fishing location, so make sure you arrive on time in Brockenborings! No need to register, just turn up and talk to me on the day.

Security note: The Northern Greenfields are home to a few bothersome pests, but we shall be on hand to make sure you can fish in safety.

Ponso pulls a whopping salmon from the muddy waters of the Brandywine

What: Third Annual Salmon Run

Where: Brockenborings, gather by the windmill

When: Saturday March 5th, 7:30pm ((UK, 2:30pm servertime))