There and Back Again - a reminder

Post date: Sep 15, 2014 2:26:14 PM

By Peppy Bristlebrush  

As the birthday of Master Bilbo Baggins is drawing closer, the musicians and thespians of Hobbit Heart are workin hard on perfecting their performance. For it is next Sunday, September 21 that the 2014 edition of the musical "There and Back Again" will be presented to you in Bag End's garden.    As many readers will recall: in his younger years Master Bilbo left the Shire to go on an adventure. Rumour has it, that he returned loaded with a fabulous treasure. Whether this is true and whether it all actually happened is one of the Shire's biggest riddles. 

But Master Bilbo wrote down his alleged adventures in a book he called "There and Back Again" after discarding a few other titles at the advice of a certain Gandalf fellow who got him in this mess adventure to begin with. It is on this book that Hobbit Heart based their musical.

First performed in 2012 at the Party Tree, the show will this year be staged at Master Bilbo's former burrow (with the reluctant permission of it's present occupant), on the day before his official birthday.

So come and marvel at the songs and story that involve dwarves, a lot of broken cutlery, a dragon, goblins, barrels, elves and one hobbit. Adapted and performed by Hobbit Heart:

Amorey Sweetrose, playing the part of Bilbo Baggins

Tahitoa Tuk, playing the part of Thorin Oakenshield

Simbo Rumblebelly, narrator and playing the part of Elrond Half-elven

Peppy Bristlebrush, playing the part of Gandalf the Grey, the creature Gollum and Smaug the dragon

To sum it all up again:

What: There and Back Again, a hobbit musical

Where: Bag End's garden, the Hill, the Shire.

When: September 21 at 8pm ((3 pm Servertime))

Artist's impression of the cast, by Amorey Sweetrose