The Traveling Bilberries will be travelling home again!

Post date: Sep 25, 2017 11:21:23 AM

 from the desk of Jonquil Rivers   

What:    The Traveling Bilberries in concert  

Where:   The Methel Stage, Bywater  

When:    November 4, 19:30 ((UK time, 15:30 servertime ))  


Those hobbits that like to go out visiting across our Shire know that I'm often out and about the Shire walking around talking to my neighbours.   I'm no gossip understand.   I just like to know who is doing what with whom and where it's happening.   Then of course I like to make sure my neighbours know also.   But I would never gossip about anybody!   

Well ..I thought you would like to know what I heard..that is why I'm writing this to inform all of you what I overheard the other day in one of our local inns.    Several hobbits were talking about an all-hobbit band that used to play in our Shire but true to their name went off traveling outside the bounds...

I believe their name is the Traveling Bilberries.

Rumours floating about the Green Dragon seem to imply that those rascals will be coming back to play a full 90-minute concert here on our own Methel Stage on Saturday November 4th.

One of those charming gaffers that I have had my eye on for awhile said that it's going to be a merry musical time with much frolicking and dancing.   I think I might go see if he might want to dance with me.   Although that frolicking seems to be a lot more effort than when I was younger...

I say that a lass knows when she is getting older cause work is a lot less fun and fun is a lot more work.

I wonder if those Traveling Bilberries found golden treasures when they were off adventuring out of our bounds.....hhmmmm

I have heard it said that gold is not the key to happiness...but I think if you have enough of it , you could have a key made!

The real treasure I thinks is finding a nice lad who is willing to rub your feet and keep you warm during the cold winter nights.   Of course you couldn't tell by me.   My love life is like a piece of barrow-brie cheese; most of it’s missing, and what’s there stinks.

Perhaps this concert may be just the opportunity to find a nice lad.

Anyhow it will be the place to hear some excellent music, see some old friends, and be seen in your finery...only with some the finery is not too fine.   I just hope the audience will come dressed properly and that none of those muscular dwarf lads lose their shirt on their way there!

well lads you have plenty of time, so find a nice shirt and you'll be sure to leave the lasses with a better impression.

Only thing worse than a dwarf lad with no shirt is a hobbit lad with SHOES in the Shire!

Back to the upcoming event, I have heard mighty good things about this band so I think I may venture over and there does seem to be a lot of time left to get a good seat for this concert ...for those of us that like to relax and enjoy our musical times.   

Of course I will still be available for dancing!

So I'll meet you there at the Methel Stage on Saturday November 4th at seven and a half bells

( that's 19:30 UK time for the tall ones ) when the Traveling Bilberries will be coming back to the Shire for a grand concert!

Don't be late..I'm not saving a seat for you!