The Traveling Bilberries in concert- August 24

Post date: Aug 07, 2014 8:41:16 AM

By Peppy Bristlebrush  

Put some music minded hobbits together and soon you'll have a band. Put some members of a couple of illustrious, existing bands together and you'll have the Traveling Bilberries!   Apart from with their own bands, the Bilberries have previously performed together at the Bird & Baby Yard Party, the Green Dragon Friday meetings and a few times on impromptu occasions, when they just happened to meet one another and felt like playing music.  

But now it's time for their first full evening concert. As the location the Traveling Bilberries have chosen Methel Stage in Bywater, close to the Three Farthing Stone. Here are the details of the event:

What: a concert by the Traveling Bilberries

Where: Methel Stage, Bywater, in the Shire (32.6S, 69.9W).

When: August 24, 7.30PM ((UK time, 2.30PM servertime))

The show will start exactly at 7.30. There will be no waiting for late arrivals, so make sure to come early and get yourself a nice spot in the theatre.

The music the Bilberries will play will be of a broad variety, being brought in by each of the members with their different musical backgrounds. Together they strive for a high quality of the arrangements and the lyrics. Not all tunes will have lyrics, but the ones that have will either make you think or make you smile, if not chuckle or even laugh.The Traveling Bilberries will be joined on stage by a dancing troupe called The Blooms. Waving huge flowers around while doing their dance steps, the Blooms will give extra splendour to the concert. A couple of their dances have special choreographies, making them rather unique.

The audience is ofcourse encouraged to join in the dancing in front of the stage. You are also encouraged to bring a few fizzers to light when asked by the announcer. If you forget yours, fireworks can be had from one of the dancers.

The concert will have an intermission during which entertainment will be provided by a hobbit of great renown: No other than Master Simbo Rumblebelly! With poems, rhymes and perhaps even a few jokes, he'll put many a smile on your faces.

So, come to Bywater on August 24 and have a great time! All Good People are invited, but we politely ask tall folk not to block the view of the hobbits.


"All Good People are invited" means that player characters of all races are welcome to this hobbit event. But please, leave the area directly in front of the stage to hobbits so you do not block their view.

We'd like to keep things in character, so please refrain from ooc talk in /say.  For example, if you recognise the original name of a tune, we'd rather have you share that in /ooc, than in /say.

Thanks! We hope you'll enjoy the concert. ))