The Tale of the Grandest Mathom

Post date: Jul 31, 2014 1:9:36 PM

By Lina Willowwood 

For a long time, the Grand Order hobbits have looked for a mathom of special magnificence. The search so far has been hard, long and fraught with some danger, but we are finally ready to let more hobbits in on the secret. If yer hold the Shire dear, come join us for tea and the grandest of mathom tales!  

Date: Saturday August 2nd 

Time: 7:30PM UK (2:30PM servertime) 

Location: Songburrow Hall, 4 Brookbank Street, Songburrow homesteads, The Shire, Laurelin server. 

Dear hobbits, Yer are cordially invited to tea at Songburrow Hall this Saturday. After tea and a fine selection of pastries, we will tell yer a little about the Grand Order's current search for a special mathom, the book called Bullroarer's Boy. The book is long lost; it vanished after mysterious events a century ago. Recent events have lead us to believe the book can be recovered, and after investigating the trail of the book for more than a year and a half, we are ready to let other hobbits in on what we have learned so far. Why search for an old book, yer might ask? Aren't there better ways to spend our time in the Shire? Some might well say so, but The Order firmly believes that a good understanding of our hobbit past is crucial ter managing the challenges we meet today, and even tomorrow.

Why this book in particular? It is said ter hold secrets. Of hobbit wealth. Of treasures in the Shire. Of the strength of the hero from the Battle of the Greenfields, Bandobras "Bullroarer" Took.

Now perhaps yer understand why we would like ter recover the original book. With the stories we hear of discord and strife in the East, the Shire should be well prepared for any hardships we might meet in the coming years. What better way of doing that than learning the secrets of the grandest hobbit hero the Shire has known?

And perhaps yer are the hobbit which will help us recover it?

Warm regards,

The Grand Order hobbits


A little more background of the search for the book can be seen in this video.

This is an event for hobbits. We plan to tell our guests a little about the background and progress of our RP story related to the search for the book.

This is mostly an event set up to share some tales of the Order's workings, but also to enable others to join our regular searches for mathoms, should they so like. We often go on adventure in the wide world together, be it on skirmishes, battles or visiting dangerous dungeons somewhere. The book RP story sometimes works as a backdrop for these adventures.

During these adventures, we are interested in having hobbit fun together on the road, or to help those around to manage hard tasks or group quests. This means that we don't always look for level-appropriate groups to master the hardest content (although that can be fun too), but rather band up hobbits across level ranges and go out to have fun together.

If this sounds interesting: Welcome to Songburrow Hall this Saturday, August 2nd! ))