The Shire Elects a May Queen

Post date: May 02, 2016 11:41:0 AM

By Peppy Bristlebrush    

May started with rain this year. But nevertheless, on the evening of a wet first of May, many Hobbits gathered in Oldfurlong to see the New May Queen be crowned. But they had to hold their breath just a little longer: the only one who already knew the outcome was Nannie.  

The atmosphere was relaxed, due to the fine music by Hobbit Heart, although with the candidates some amount of tension was clearly noticable. All Hobbits greeted one another in good cheer, talked about the latest gossips and speculated about the outcome of the election. And there was plenty of dancing.

Finally the moment had arrived. The musicians took a well deserved break and Nannie stepped forward to address the crowd. All were silent and you could hear a needle drop (It hasn't been retrieved yet, so if you find it: it's mine!)

Nannie recalled the names of the candidates: Miss Dassa, Miss Pycella and Miss Smertellaa. All looked around to spot the lasses who had been so brave as to become candidates for this election. Unfortunately, Miss Smertellaa was absent. She had also not gained enough votes to win, but may call herself Princess Smertellaa now. We lads were excited by the idea of a mysterious princess wandering the Shire.

And then, finally, Nannie revealed the winner: the new Shire May Queen of this year is Pycella Woodberry! Miss Dassa, the third candidate may also carry the title of Princess of the Shire. I believe it was Master Simbo who stated that in fact all Hobbit lasses were queens in their own right.And then... as if by Royal Command.. the rain had stopped! Queen Pycella is discovering her powers, some said. And a grand celebration started, with lovely music again to dance to and songs and poems by Tahitoa and Simbo. And Pycella's new subjects called out for a Royal Speech! A bit bashful still, both former candidates climbed the rostrum in turn to deliver their words of thanks to all who voted  for them. And the Queen promised us pies! As she eloquently stated, her name Pycella could also be thought of as Pie-sell-er!

There were words of thanks ofcourse for Nannie too, who had organised the May Queen Search for the fourth year in a row. And I'd like to end here with words of thanks also for our abdicating Shire Queen of last year: Amorey. She and her band livened up the evening with gorgeous music.

So, long live the May Queens and Princesses of the Shire, both former and present! Huzzah!!